Bitcoin (BTC), Lightning Network faster than Visa?

Bitcoin (BTC), Lightning Network faster than Visa?

One of the most viral videos on Twitter right now is one showing a payment test by two card-holding men. The test is carried out on two different payment terminals. On the one hand, we have a card that allows you to pay in bitcoins (BTC) at Lightning Network. On the other hand, Visa card is dedicated to payment in fiat currency. On the video, it can be clearly seen that Lightning Network makes the payment faster than with Visa.

Faster to pay with Lightning Network than with Visa

On July 26, 2022, Bitcoin Archive account shared on Twitter video showing that Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network is faster than Visa. In fact, Lightning Network payments are processed faster than Visa. The video was uploaded by a reporter named Joe Hall, aka Joe Nakamoto. It shows that bitcoin (BTC) is faster than we think and can easily compete with traditional payment systems.

However, many experts believe that payments through Lightning Network are still in the experimental phase. At the same time, more and more users are accepting this payment method. Recent data shows that many users are working hard to increase the number of Lightning nodes around the world and keep them working.

The Lightning Network is just in its infancy, but it is already attracting the interest of many users. There is a large number of supporters of the network who always show all the advantages it can offer. That said, it’s true that this system still doesn’t work very well. But its development is progressing rapidly. And, Lightning Network may eventually surpass Visa and Mastercard.

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