Bitcoin (BTC): It Would Protect Americans Better, According to Kevin Roberts (Heritage Foundation)

Bitcoin (BTC): It Would Protect Americans Better, According to Kevin Roberts (Heritage Foundation)

Kevin Roberts, president of the Heritage Foundation, has no hesitation in supporting the cryptocurrency market to get it out of this bad patch. He thinks bitcoin is the best haven for Americans because of its innovation.

Pro-Bitcoin Roberts sees superpower in bitcoin

The Heritage Foundation is a Washington-based American conservative think tank chaired by Roberts. Public policy would be one of his major concerns.

Recently, Kevin Roberts attended a joint stage on the theme “Bitcoin and the American experience”. During the intervention, he said he was convinced that bitcoin (BTC) has a huge destructive force. Except it destroys from a positive angle. So bitcoin could protect the American people from potential crises.

Explanations: ” Bitcoin can protect Americans since it cannot be created out of thin air. »

His opening speech did not surprise his listeners. Especially when he claimed to consider ” bitcoin as the most destructive innovation in the positive sense “.

And the other BTC Knights of this round table?

Around this table were gathered prominent supporters of cryptocurrency. There was the president of the Heritage Foundation whose views were reported above. But pro-crypto senator Cynthia Lummis was also there. Lummis is said to be preparing a new bill that would integrate digital assets into the U.S. financial system.

The same senator hopes to establish a pro-crypto regulatory framework (which will not stick in its wheels) to bring order to the crypto ecosystem. She did not hesitate to describe this world as “ very wonderful “.

For Cynthia Lummis, like Phoenix, bitcoin (it’s an asset purse) will rise again after this detrimental fall. And the bill will include details of various parts of digital assets and commodities.

Of course, there were other bitcoin knights like Michael Saylor (CEO of MicroStrategy), Ted Cruz (US pro-bitcoin senator) and Peter St. Onge (economic policy researcher at Heritage Foundation) as part of the picture.

CSS vs. Heritage Foundation, who is the enemy to defeat?

The Heritage Foundation chaired by Kevin Roberts referred to the US SEC’s desire to stifle everything that is cryptocurrency. Here is an excerpt from the remaining comment on his blog:

After many years of numerous requests from responsible applicants, no single bitcoin exchange trading fund has been approved, even more dangerous commodity derivatives have been eagerly approved. »

The confession of this hostility is demonstrated by the Securities and Exchange Commission also shared with several members of the US Congress. The latter called on the financial regulatory agency to review its process for seeking information on cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, it’s the people of Congress who would say it, or the SEC will always stick to the logic ” stifling innovation “.

What seems impressive is that pro-bitcoin politicians are no longer shy from lambasting bitcoin opponents in high places. In particular, American elected officials do not swear their words when it comes to attacking the safety of bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors. Sure, they do not do it unanimously like Central African deputies, but for starters, it’s fine.

Source: Finbold

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