Bitcoin (BTC) is worth $ 12,000 according to analysts

While bitcoin (BTC) is in a relatively unstable period with low prices and really struggling to take off, experts remain positive. But not all! For example, has the worst fears of Gareth Soloway, a leading market strategist. He recently claimed that the cryptocurrency is on track for another price correction. And this correction, according to him, will have serious consequences.

Rocky Tour is waiting for Bitcoin (BTC)

During an interview with Kitco News, Mr. Soloway claimed that the next price could be bitcoin (BTC). disappointed many people. He claims, based on his analysis, that the king of cryptocurrencies will go down to $ 12,000even $ 10,000 in the worst case. Why such a gloomy prediction? The reason for this is that, according to professionalism, high inflation and high interest rates are likely to last for a long time and the effects of falling prices will last longer.

“It’s important to recognize that we may be able to go below $ 10,000,” Soloway said. […] This unprecedented new environment for cryptocurrency, because of the nutrition and what they are doing, taking money out of the system … for all this you have to expect this to be a very rocky course “.

Any chance that BTC drops to 0 dollars

While he believes that the direction bitcoin (BTC) will take in the coming days will be towards the downtrend, Soloway notes if the price of the digital asset over 20,000 dollars, it will necessarily be beneficial. “It will attract more investors.”

For the professional, while it is true that BTC can achieve lower values, the chances of the cryptocurrency falling to zero are very slim. As for the possibility that BTC hit $ 65,000, he believes will not be so far. In fact, according to him, it will be necessary wait almost 2 years with hope for such a change.

As for the key market strategies at, the value of bitcoin (BTC) is likely to go to even lower levels than at present. That said, the downtrend will not cause BTC to even zero dollars. According to Mr Soloway, there is no chance of such a situation happening.

Source: Finbold

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