Bitcoin (BTC) is a trademark.

Bitcoin (BTC) is a trademark.

Like Apple, McDonald’s, Nike or Coca-Cola, Bitcoin is an extremely attractive brand. Undoubtedly one of the most powerful today. he this is one of its greatest strengths: Bitcoin is both a currency, a payment system, but also a brand that offers noble values, even if it means arousing in maximalists the desire to sacrifice themselves for the cause.

A brand, no marketingbear

Bitcoin depends in part on the use of technology blockchain. But Bitcoin has an offering that goes far beyond this database architecture. Bitcoin is a brand.

Bitcoin is not an ordinary brand. This is a brand that did not need a centralized marketing department or budget to win over its users and surpass the world. They are Bitcoin followers the evangelists only. This tribe consists of technicians, cryptographers, cyberpunk, nerdBitcoin spokespeople, traders, billionaires from Silicon Valley or Ukrainians save the lives of Bitcoin spokespeople. At first, there was no doubt that the pleasant feeling attracted the predecessors “be unique” and related to a micro-tribe, but its story spread thanks to the Internet.

Bitcoins are similar in several ways to “apple addict” which systematically protects apple brand as soon as a debate is launched on the mac / pc or iphone / android duel.

The best start – ups can be considered as sect, but in a slightly less extreme form. The main difference is that fanatical cults tend to be wrong on an important topic. The main characters of a start-up business have a fanatical tendency to succeed in being right about a reality that avoids others, on the outside. »Peadar Thiel, Zero to One.

When customers are evangelists of a product, the brand promises a bright future.

Bitcoin: fair values ​​and dreams

People don’t buy Bitcoin for the underlying technology, just because Bitcoin gives people a set of dreams, fair values ​​and an enjoyable story to hear.

This is new Messianism appealing to religious feeling. In addition to giving to its users a sense of power almost demiurgic : that is the tyrant Pharaoh (the feeders, the banks, the governments…), who gives Bitcoin message of hope : world get rid of inflation and censorship where we would all be richer and cheaper. However, the most “fanatical” movements are based on expect Messianic era.

While in 2022, the world is tempted by doom and gloom (inflation, wars, pandemic, environment…) Bitcoin is one of the biggest optimistic as it shows that change is possible. Access to the Promised Land depends only on us: buy BTC, install a node, own your keys.

“Fix the money, fix the world”. Some people even come to think of it Bitcoin will change our diet, our conception of time, savings, work, family or art. The most radical people give up their “fiat jobs” to serve the cause. So evangelists have Protocols maximum and fanatical concept of future potential.

Bitcoin will change us more than we change it »Marty Bent.

Each major brand promises customers: I promise that the support that I will give you will help you get that “. On Bitcoin, each party gets its account. For example, the promise given to investors is thatthey will be richer tomorrow with BTC except with fiat.

Incomprehensible CEO

The presence of an excellent chef is essential to building a powerful brand : Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Ray Kroc, Philip Knight… Satoshi Nakamoto.

A mock founder who delivers humanity from the disorders caused by centralized finance. The story of Steve Jobs creating a computer in his garage is not even for him. Such mythology throughout the founder only fuels the mystique of the Bitcoin brand.

Satoshi Nakamoto at his options anonymity and of abandonment of wealthbut also to famous (where it’s live) invite bitcoiners to sacrifice an impermanent gift to liberate mankind in the future.

He has no face and yet it includes iron will, prudence, fanatic belief in a just cause, a taste for provocation, the individual challenge launched against the most powerful enemies on the planet, and contempt for today. Satoshi also fascinates with his ability to “bewitch” a small group of loyal, brilliant, clever lieutenants who nevertheless obey the will of the leader by drawing inspiration: Peter Thiel, Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk, Michael Saylor…

In short, an incomprehensible leader, optimistic doctrine and new technology for a new golden age. All the ingredients are present for a storytelling powerful.

Price: daily trigger

Few companies have the right to have a specific program to comment on the evolution of their share price. As part of bitcoin, the price deteriorates and attracts investors and those outside the ecosystem. Every movement is significant in its price said and this ensures a BTC marketing campaign, not having to spend a single dollar.

Powerful symbolism for communion

Do you often see people getting tattoos of the euro symbol or the pound sterling? Bitcoin orange logo is a cult brand. Few brands have managed to build such a strong logo attachment: Apple, Nike, McDonald’s …

From 2020, bitcoiners can even proudly display on their public Twitter profiles their rallying with Bitcoin thanks to unique emoji. In addition, the symbolism goes far beyond this orange logo: laser eyes, “∞ / 21” and responds to people’s tribal instincts: having symbols to identify and communicate with.

Thus the power of the brand is clearly established. Ask a neophyte to quote cryptocurrency, it will no doubt evoke Bitcoin, which has become a Schelling point. This term is almost common name naming cryptocurrency. We say goodbye “Take Blablacar” to buy a carpool or “fridge”. Well, your grandmother will probably quote bitcoin to refer to all cryptocurrencies.

Clearly named demon

Grain is the most accessible and pervasive unifying agent, especially when it pertains to a single entity. This is how many big brands have aroused skepticism in the field of media putting people side by side. Think about Cóca Cóla against Pepsi or to the duel between Microsoft and Apple.

Customers feel better when they belong to a “crowd” that supports their view of the world. However, the best way for a brand to assert its values ​​is to define what it does not believe in.

“The only problem with Microsoft, that is, they have no taste. None of them. They have no original ideas, and do not incorporate many cultures into their products.

Their products have no … soul. Their products do not release anything, they do not inspire anything. They are very down to earth. The sad thing is that most users … too. Steve Jobs

And the same Steve Jobs with Google : ” I will delete Android, because it is a stolen product. I will pay for a thermonuclear war. »

Steve Jobs criticized the complexityan proportionality and Microsoft product design ; Bitcoiners have their own enemy: central banks.

There is no parish in the world without an almighty and ubiquitous demon. The state, because of its enormous power and immutability thus the ideal enemy to unite people.

Simple but elegant product

Bitcoin does not aim to revolutionize social networks, the art market or even video games as blockchain offers other infrastructures. Admit it, his proposal is simple but so effective: “ Peer to Peer Electronic Money System “. Its design in particular elegant : an white paper It is understandable by someone with some computer knowledge. Less is more.

For Steve, Less is more, simplicity is always better than complexity. Therefore, if you can build a glass box with less is better, it’s simpler, and it’s state – of – the – art. This is where Steve likes to be, both in his products and in his stores. —Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs.

It’s better to make your protocol too simple and not serve ten low – value, short – distance gaming applications than to make it too complicated and not accommodate the underlying solid use case that underlies all something else. Vitalik Buterin.

Bitcoin is a headless object. Its marketing is too. Bitcoin has become such an attractive brand that it is in many ways similar to a form of secular religion Where to mass movement.

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