Bitcoin (BTC) helps to create a better, fair and free world

Bitcoin (BTC) helps to create a better, fair and free world

Cryptocurrencies are better known, but their adoption is still reluctant. However, cryptocurrencies better known as bitcoin (BTC) or ether (ETH), looking for more after. This is a fact that has encouraged some agencies to carry out social surveys, ie in order to award the bitcoins. The survey reports are quite promising.

Blockchain Releases Bitcoin and Bitcoin Social Issues Survey Results

Bitcoin helps shape a fairer world

Balance is difficult to achieve in today’s society. This is valid both in the economic sector and in the social or cultural environment. There are many reasons for it, including income inequality, gender inequality and geographical factors.

However, bitcoin is accessible to everyone, regardless of the user’s income. On the other hand, the reasons for adopting this digital currency are not the same for all holders. People with higher incomes go into investments with the aim of making more money. However, low-income users use bitcoin to facilitate certain financial transactions such as purchases or money transfers.

Regarding the geographical ratio, we see that bitcoin has been more adopted in countries that are part of emerging markets such as African countries. People in these countries find bitcoin transactions more profitable and easier. In addition, many users from poor countries use bitcoin in the hope of protecting themselves against inflation. However, no study shows that bitcoin effectively cures the inflation rate experienced by the countries involved.

However, some developing countries, such as India, are still skeptical of bitcoin and digital assets. This can be explained by India’s historical strict stance on cryptocurrencies.

The report also shows that the global adoption rate of bitcoin promises to be high given its qualities. But it all depends on education. In fact, the more individuals know about the true nature of bitcoin, the more interested they are in adopting it. Gray areas create rumours, mistrust and hinder their natural adoption.

The name bitcoin (BTC) is clear

To say that bitcoin (BTC) is still the most famous cryptocurrency on a global scale is an understatement. It is ahead of ether (ETH) with great circulation. About 88% of respondents know the asset. As for Ethereum, its popularity rate is around 43% among the people surveyed.

If BTC is so successful, it is mainly thanks to its longevity. He had plenty of time to introduce himself to the general public. Whether for companies, simple investors or anyone interested in cryptocurrencies.

It is considered the largest cryptocurrency in the world. Despite the falls, it remains solid and secure. Its transaction rate is still intact and it would be the standard to even balance the economic sector or even the social sector.


A social survey, launched by famous companies such as App cash and Spiral, objectively demonstrates the power of bitcoin. Potential investors can refer to learn more about the boom that bitcoin has and will experience in the future. This virtual currency can still bring many things to the whole world.

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