Bitcoin (BTC): Crypto donations to fight cancer

Bitcoin (BTC): Crypto donations to fight cancer

On Tuesday’s Crypto Giving event, MACHI is launching a special edition T-shirt in aid of cancer research. So she puts her know-how in haute couture to the benefit of the Toulouse Cancer Health Foundation, a medical research foundation that finances projects that combine researchers and doctors for research in the service of the patient.

On the occasion of ​​Crypto Giving Tuesday, Tuesday November 29, MACHI is launching a blue jeans edition of its iconic #BTC model with the principle of the full payment of the margin in favor of the Toulouse Cancer Health Foundation.

The headquarters of this national foundation in oncology service, created by the Ministry of Research, is located at Oncopole Toulouse. This site is now one of the best research and care centers in France thanks to the close collaboration between researchers and doctors gathered on the same campus.

The 2 founders of the house MAACHI, Stéphan and Stéphanie Maachi, wanted to join this foundation because of its mode of operation based on the transfer of 100% of the donations received to research projects. So the entire margin of this quality T-shirt (organic cotton, printing on fabric by the best worker in France, Unicorn logo embroidered with gold thread) will be allocated to cancer research carried out within the Oncopole of Toulouse.

Benoît Huguet, co-founder of the Journal du Coin and crypto sponsor of the Toulouse Cancer Health Foundation, is promoting this fundraising operation in the media, making the T-shirt available for pre-order on the website of the MACHI house . The product sheet will also remind you this time that the foundation accepts donations in bitcoins through the collection platform CryptoDephi.

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