Bitcoin: BTC bulls break $21,000, Dash launches 2 Trade for BTC exchange

Bitcoin: BTC bulls break $21,000, Dash launches 2 Trade for BTC exchange

The crypto market saw gains on Tuesday and Wednesday. Over the past 24 hours, however, the top 10 lost an average of 2 percent. On a weekly and monthly basis, bitcoin is up over 6% and represents 38% of the crypto market’s market cap ($1,023 billion). The trading volume in the last 24 hours was $87 billion.

Crypto course falls back again first

The price of the leading crypto project Bitcoin recently came under some pressure and lost 2.66 percent. The current price is $20,283. Fear and Saint Bitcoin Index stands at 30 – Fear. On Thursday, the sign fell back in detail. Traders looked to lock in profits after yesterday’s move above $21,000.

Bitcoin current

  • Market Cap: $389.13 billion (-2.51%)
  • 24-hour trading volume: $41,437 million (-1.08%)
  • 24 hour high: $20,876.00
  • 24 hour low: $20,231.00

Status: 28.10.2022, 08:30 am

The community should serve as a great support for the value of the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin HODLER holds more than 75% of all BTC and thus supports the price of the crypto giant. This is the highest percentage of long-term Bitcoin holders since October 2015, as analyzed by CryptoQuant. The long term owners are showing how persistent they are in their hodling behaviour.

Cathie Wood is a good example of the pronounced Bitcoin “hodling”. The American economist, investor and founder of ARK Invest bought $100,000 worth of Bitcoin when it was at $250. She mentioned this on the podcast What Bitcoin Did and reiterated that she has not sold so far.

Bitcoin Predictions: Future Movements Are a Hot Pot

Michaël van de Poppe, CEO of trading platform Eight, noted on Twitter October 27 that Bitcoin is approaching a “significant” resistance area given the current market behavior. According to van de Poppe, this is between 20,750 and 20,900 US dollars. Bitcoin needs to stay in the $20,500 range to continue the uptrend. That includes being willing to be ready for a test at the 20,000 mark before the market moves further.

Van de Poppe’s forecast seems optimistic as Bitcoin was well above the 25,000 mark up to and including Thursday evening. Given the huge proportion of the population, there is confidence in positive price action going forward.

In a broad view, we see cryptocurrency sector slowly gaining momentum after weeks of sideways movement. The effort to stay above the $1 trillion market cap is evident. Short-term price projections between $20,231 and $20,876 on a 24-hour basis remain a hot topic.

Dash 2 Trade: an alternative to Bitcoin & Co.

Those who are among the crypto-investors who are not “married” to Bitcoin in the current phase may rejoice in a new Bitcoin option, the pre-sale of which has recently started.

Finding the best cryptocurrencies early and investing in their pre-sale is an optimistic and popular strategy. Cryptocurrency trading token platform Dash 2 Trade has now launched such a pre-sale, launching tax-free cryptocurrency with its D2T tokens.

The pre-sale of the Dash 2 Trade Token started with huge hype. $500,000 was raised in the first 24 hours in the presale. The platform launches one of the most interesting crypto pre-sales of 2022 with its token.

The D2T token is the new nucleus within the Dash 2 Trade system. The coin is based on Ethereum and is offered in a pre-sale period with a total of nine stages. Phase 1 is already 50% sold after 24 hours.

A total of one billion tokens will be issued, of which 700,000 will already be sold in a 9-stage presale. Prices rise from $0.0476 in stage 1 to $0.0662 in the final stage 9.

Dash Trade 2: Security and Certification

Minimizing risk is extremely important with a new token. In the case of Dash 2 Trade, added the D2T token to the CoinSniper KYC certificate. The D2T Smart Contract was also fully verified by SolidProof.

Incidentally, the D2T team has years of experience in the crypto sector and is also behind the beginner trading platform Learn2Trade.

Price Prediction for Dash 2 Trading in 2022

With the launch of Phase 2 in the Dash 2 Trade presale process, the token will be sold for $0.05. The price increase is about 5% compared to the first phase. The token will be sold in tranches of 70 to 87.5 million.

By the ninth stage, the D2T will reach a price of $0.062, which is a 39% increase from stage 1. D2T offers one of the most interesting pre-sale periods for early investors all year.

A summary of the most important data on D2T

  • October 19: Dash 2 Trade pre-order launch, price: $0.0467.
  • October 20: Raised nearly $500,000 in 24 hours
  • October 23: The first phase sells out and has raised $1.66 million.
  • Today: Second stage of the presale, price: $0.05

Dash 2 Trade Tocenomics explained
With a total of one billion tokens and a 70% share for pre-sale, the lion’s share of the token will already be in circulation when the market opens. But that doesn’t mean the market launch isn’t just as exciting. In order to get a Dash 2 Trade membership, some investors will probably buy tokens at the release of the market.

One of the main reasons behind the high demand for the release is that the D2T tokens are used to pay for D2T membership. With only 5% (50 million) of D2T tokens serving as liquidity reserves, it looks like demand will greatly exceed supply.

The price of $0.0662 per token in the ninth and last stage of the pre-sale is a good basis for a price forecast for 2022. Not only crypto enthusiasts, but also crypto beginners, will certainly buy tokens to gain access. the platform and to learn how to use it and how to deal with cryptocurrencies. Prices around $0.075 will be the first area of ​​psychological resistance on the way to 10 cents.

How it behaves based on $0.075 will then be crucial for further moves. If the D2T signal shows strength in this phase, we could see a move towards $0.10 quite soon. ​​​​The 10 cent mark as a D2T forecast would be a 110% increase from the pre-sale price in phase 1.

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