Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) on support – Which scenario?

Le Bitcoin (BTC) et l’Ether (ETH) sur support – Quel scénario ?

Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC).

Let’s start our analysis of the week with Bitcoin (BTC) and its fence weekly which happened overnight. Compared to our analysis of last week, the price of Bitcoin is still relatively stable. In fact, the closure was made on the $ 30,200 with a volatility during the week of 9%.

This does not give us relevant information as it is, we can note that it nevertheless ends below the previously established range. At the moment, however, this passage below this point is too weak to conclude that a breakout is true.

We will have to stay vigilant to see if the price will continue to decline and to revisit the areas of the old ATH ($ 18,850) and the impulse zone between $ 11,400 – $ 14,000.

Figure 1: Analysis of Bitcoin (BTC) in 1W

Look daily it will provide us with details of the week ‘s movements. We notice a significant decrease in volatility with a delay close to our area support. The areas mentioned last week remain valid, namely:

  • The first field of sale located at $ 36,500corresponding to most recent log the old local access;
  • The second important area located at $ 46,000 – $ 47,000 and corresponding to last peak. Would a signal very strong a bullish recovery more important.

Thus a rebound can be made up to these zones acting as aistri and of reload de bearish movement. To put it simply, we would again sell forces upside down before continuing the initial movement.

Figure 2: Bitcoin (BTC) Analysis in 3D

The most relevant unit of time this week is 1 hour. In fact, we can note a very clear range case for this view. The upper limit occurs at $ 30,700 for lower limit at $ 28,700. Let’s look at the first step of it DETOUR ” to $ 31,300 followed by a lower rate. The most likely scenario now is a aistri bullish up to $ 31,000before stepping down to the area $ 28,300 .

From here, I would like to see an upside recovery to really start the bearish move towards at least $ 37,000.

Figure 3: Bitcoin (BTC) Analysis in 1 Hour

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Ether Technical Analysis (ETH).

Ether (ETH)still in the same configuration as its counterpart. In fact, after Bitcoin regains control of financial exchanges, the latter sets the pace for all the others.

Its weekly configuration is logically the same, and Ether’s price is also at its lower limit of the range. The latter is in between $ 1,850 – $ 4,000and the loss of the lower boundary would also lead to a revisit of lower areas.

  • It is the first of the old ATH for $ 1,300;
  • The second is the bullish impulse in between $ 428-488 .

Figure 4: Analysis of Ether (ETH) in 1W

Let’s zoom in on the daily scene to understand the internal movements in the range. Here again are two areas of interest for our analysis:

  • The area to $ 2,490 corresponding to the last down tank;
  • The area to $ 3,500corresponding to the last peak that needs to be restarted to re-establish bullish momentum.

As long as these two zones are not recovered, the price may come back to these points and a bearish momentum . This means that there are two trading options:

  • The first option to buy in the current field is to play back to secure profits on the mentioned areas;
  • Second, not to take up new posts and consolidate their old posts in the areas mentioned.

Figure 5: Ether analysis (ETH) in 3D

On the 4h view, we also see this range phase that is evolving from last week and that temporizes the selling attacks. It is necessary to wait for a solution to be found from the latter and to put it accordingly (for purchase or sale).

Figure 6: Ether (ETH) analysis in 4 h

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Sandbox Technical Analysis (SAND)

Today, I return to the analysis I did on Cryptoast a few weeks ago when I mentioned that totalsome movement. There was a movement up to 0.66 – 0.88 GIP. Despite many very aggressive comments on this hypothesis on my Twitter account, the price has come to revisit this area. There is nothing magical about this, and it’s explained simply by retrying the pulse area . This command block zone (specified on the chart) acted as a starting point for an extremely violent upward move. The market needs to correct its surplus by regaining strength in this zone.

Interestingly enough, SAND has a price fix now bearish on local time units. It is therefore necessary to have the The price gets the $ 2.43 back run them, to change the structure from bearish to bullish. Until then, it will be possible to place a bet on change.

Be careful, however, the price amplitude will be significant, because this cryptocurrency is very volatile.

Figure 7: Sandbox Analysis (GAINM) in 3D


an Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) both of them on the bottom of range respectively. The volatility of recent weeks has gradually faded giving waymovements bigger horizontal without trend. In this chaos, short-term scenarios are gradually emerging, creating opportunities for speculation and impatience for investors. There are still very local areas that will need to be revisited before a phase out aistri of the downward movement. In this logic, it will be interesting to consolidate its profits or reduce the losses on the sales areas.

For The Sandbox (SAND) the price is a shopping areavery interesting. However, he also stays alone in his local bearish pattern, forcing speculators to consolidate their profits in the event of a bearish move. Very good sign for recovery from $ 2.43 deeper bullish rally .

He was crypt Odin to serve you.

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Graphic sources: TradingView – cryptOdin

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