Bitcoin (BTC), a store of anthropologists?

Bitcoin (BTC), a store of anthropologists?

TradFi fans like Warren Buffet and some mainstream economists do not allow bitcoin. Would they be less understanding than anthropologists? Because of its side, Satoshi captures cryptocurrency for an interest-bearing asset. In this post we outline the reasons for this reputation.

Anthropology and anthropologists, bitcoin as a culture of interest

Who wants to be not an anthropologist. Because anthropologists are champions of the relativity and abandonment of the comfort zone for a long time. Margaret Mead was forced to abandon the joys of her American home to the “prime” societies of Samoa (Polynesia), New Guinea (Oceania) and Bali (Indonesia).

Through such sacrifices, Mead was able to advance the science of anthropology. Mention only his influence on US sex or the integration of photography and film into anthropological research.

All of this will tell you that anthropology is distinguished by its methodologies forcing researchers to study total immersion in the study society. This is what they call “participatory observation”, a type of practice that encourages direct interaction with the indigenous peoples, which could be spread over the long term.

To say that mainstream economists do not agree with this approach. Many are happy with the abstraction and subtraction of a model or a few hypotheses. Restricted economists of the field do not know like anthropologists. So, they got a point on the question of understanding bitcoin.

In anthropology, we use deductive logic without deducting inductive logic from ourselves. Field observation and experimentation are very important in the composition of theoretical frameworks. In addition, this importance is given to the “emic”, the societal beliefs and subjective experiences that are specific to society.

Which brings us back to the concept of rationality that differs from one community to another. Everyone has their own vision of things, their truth, their rational system and their terms that express this rationality.

In short, no judgment of value is allowed in anthropology.

Margaret Mead. Source: Wikimedia

Bitcoin and the proven interests of anthropologists

If anthropologists show interest in bitcoin, it’s why they have more experience and writings on the “other”. However, bitcoin can be part of the “other”, even if it is (virtual) and does not matter.

Culture specialists as they are, anthropologists address bitcoin as it used to be: without value judgments, and without preconceived notions.

Many of them have already rubbed shoulders with the world of bitcoin miners, cryptocurrency holders and speculators. And as usual, they immersed themselves with these people to identify their beliefs, ethos and attitudes.

Something classic economists from the top of their ivory tower will not do. In fact, they were willing to criticize bitcoin, even reject it. Far from the likes of Paul Krugman, Steve Hanke and Nouriel Rubini is the idea of ​​caring about how people use and view the queen of cryptocurrencies.

By closing in on themselves, these economists will not be able to understand the views of bitcoin and its users. And they are willing to condemn this culture. Because of their eyes, money is nothing but fiat as it has been unanimously accepted by the State and other so – called economists. If any community announces access to another type of currency, they do not hesitate to deny its existence or its validity.

Do they really believe in fiat money immortality? Can they shut down an already running machine like bitcoin? Be clear, not all economists think like this. Fans of the systemic approach are in favor of the economic activities of the individual.

For anthropologists, there is no question of intervention. They are happy to understand and describe the facts.

Some anthropologists have interpreted bitcoin

For them, bitcoin forms an asset that is very rich in interpretations.


A team of researchers led by Kavanagh acknowledges that BTC has money to support “ that people give that, [et] many use it as money “.

An asset linked to human ethics

The excitement created by bitcoin, especially among minors, is sure to spread around the world. And if many understand the ethics of the bitcoin community, as we pointed out in the presentation of the Diogenes bitcoiner, it will be democratized in a very short period of time.

Successful active ingredient thanks to its values ​​and rituals

BTC holders are not just holders according to anthropologist Kinney. They also make sure to find out their value and then find something more sublime behind this asset. This allows them to overcome emerging obstacles while at the same time reinforcing their feelings of belonging to the crypto community.

Note that this community deploys rituals for identification purposes and to mature bitcoin. From now on, the queen of cryptocurrencies can no longer be reduced to the fruit of technology and number manipulation. There are memes around too.

Not speculation

For anthropologists, bitcoin is not, its holders do not hide their pride indent in the long run. Because it’s not just holding people driven by greed. But there are also people who believe and agree with a community.

Guarantee of social connections

Anthropologists believe that the technical layer of bitcoin is no more important than its social layer. Not only does it have meaning in the eyes of its community members, but it also creates connections between them. To say that this newly formed group represents a new concept with study, new faith and expression of desires.

An illustration of the changing nature of money

Humanity sees (or will see) in bitcoin a ” breaking experience with the current system. Whether it succeeds or fails, this asset will play a role in the future of money. Dood, in the Social World of Money, says:

The days when money was defined by the state are coming to an end. Money can and probably will be organized in a different way. »

One political asset

Caldararo believes that bitcoin would be the basis for the establishment of political bodies and its ability to destroy political, economic and social systems will only reflect human passions. In essence, the digital currency designed by Satoshi will form the basis of the system long implemented by the state and the banks. Even those familiar with technological monopolies like GAFAM will do well to keep a close eye on the power of decentralization it uses around the world.

An asset that is maintained and valued by its social layer

It is also said that Bitcoin is backed by mathematical and “trustless” formulas. However, anthropologists there find the results of dynamism at the level of the socio-cultural layer, a source of value. And with the fact that man is a social creature, the emergence of a democratic community around bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is on the rise. This community, backed by various institutions, does not hesitate to make bitcoin popular today.

Bitcoin and the limits of anthropology

The study of bitcoin by anthropologists emerges against walls as:

  • lack of quantitative tools for collecting behavioral data;
  • homogenisation of the discipline that does little to promote the discovery of the other;
  • The lack of a systematic vision of macroeconomics compounded by the lack of efforts to understand the basis of the monetary paradigm;
  • srl

At the end of this presentation, we will say that anthropology knows how to approach bitcoin differently despite its limitations of market understanding. We are far from criminalizing all economists since there is an approach that could take the individual behavior of bitcoin holders at home. But we also remember that the anthropologist’s openness opens up some perspectives for other disciplines who want to study the queen of cryptocurrencies.

Source: Bitcoin Journal

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