Bitcoin (BTC): a powerful new product thanks to Flynt

Bitcoin (BTC): a powerful new product thanks to Flynt

Flynt Finance recently announced the launch of its new platform for structured crypto products. Market experts agree: These products will revolutionize the cryptocurrency world. In addition to being effective, they prove to be very beneficial for crypto investors (especially for Bitcoin followers).

Bitcoin has the most successful product in the industry thanks to Flynt Finance

What is Flynt Finance and what does it offer?

Flynt Finance is a crypto company based in Singapore. More precisely, it is an asset management platform that offers structured products on cryptocurrencies. Its main mission: to offer financial freedom to everyone, regardless of their geographical location, the technology available and the privileges they have.

Flynt Finance continues to create innovative products to meet the needs of cryptocurrency investors. To overcome the downward trend in the current markets, it launched a new platform with equally revolutionary products. According to this company, the platform will give relatively high returns to investors. We are specifically talking about a 50% annual return of any investment in bitcoins.

Through this new platform, Flynt Finance offers investors a great opportunity. For example, they can turn their losses into profits. In the near future, this new product may even boost the price of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin (BTC): finally a product that reduces risk!

We all know it: cryptocurrency is a volatile market (therefore at risk). This volatility is explained by the unstable movement of costs. This also makes risk management more complex. However, there are effective techniques to deal with this situation. For example, some prefer to hold bitcoins in cash and buy a put option if the price falls. Others choose unleveraged covered calls.

For its part, Flynt Finance has decided to launch its own structured products strategy. It consists of selling call options on a weekly basis to reinvest the gain the following week. This strategy stands out for its leverage effect. In fact, Flynt Finance uses up to 5 times the leverage effect on its strategies. This reduces the risk of loss and increases returns. Something to reassure those who want to invest in bitcoin at all costs.

Most crypto experts agree on this point: the new product launched by Flynt Finance is likely to breathe new life into the crypto community. Due to the high yield offered, it is an effective and advantageous product. Shortly after its launch, it was only successful … But is it really a product that meets the needs of every crypto investor, especially in terms of risk? To reflect!

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