Bitcoin Beach is coming to Jericoacoara!

Bitcoin Beach is coming to Jericoacoara!

The world is facing many challenges right now. Between inflation, wars and falling crypto markets, the economy needs a bigger boost. With this in mind, Bitcoin Beach is once again going to work in Latin America. And eventually, he sets his sights on the north of Brazil.

A new step for bitcoin (BTC) in Brazil

Although bitcoin (BTC) is again in the red, its adoption shows green indicators. In fact, the crypto flagship continues to appeal to people around the world. He is once again creating a sensation in Brazil. After the Brazilian Senate passed a bill to recognize BTC as a new payment method, Bitcoin Beach promises to explain how a wallet works for students and teachers this time.

The team behind this project has set its sights on Jericoacoara, in the state of Ceara in the north of Brazil. To do this, Bitcoin bee achieved its first BTC activation by giving 408 paper wallets with 1000 seats to public school teachers and students.

To reach his goal, he was able to rely on the help of Galoy and 200 anonymous donors. In a video posted on Twitterwe can see Fernando Montolose, the founder of the project, explaining to them how to keep their assets in a safe place and never share their private key.

A great example of El Salvador

Bitcoin Beach is a project initiated in 2019 in the village of El Zonte. The movement is gaining momentum since in a few years it has become a symbol in terms of the economy linked to bitcoin (BTC). The project is already being set up in Brazil and to achieve this, a call for donations in BTC is underway.

But far from being turned into cash, these tokens will be used to promote actions to democratize the crypto flagship at the local level. The goal of the transfer is to successfully collect one bitcoin. Currently, only 0.025 BTC has been raised with the participation of Fernando Montolose who donated 0.02 bitcoins.

Initiated in September 2021, the Bitcoin Beach movement has already enabled 120 local users to create a Lightning Network wallet. Although 11 local businesses are now accepting bitcoin (BTC) payments, this is still far from the main goal of getting the crypto flagship accepted by all local businesses across all domains.

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