Bitcoin at $270,000 in 8 years (+1320%)

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Bitcoin is looking rather gray this week, with the cryptocurrency in particular having vibrated below $19,000 yesterday, but this does not dampen the optimism of Bitcoin enthusiasts, especially regarding the long-term prospects for the cryptocurrency.

This has been proven once again by a survey conducted by the Australian financial services company Finder among its specialists regarding their expectations for the price of Bitcoin on different time frames.

The survey therefore shows that experts expect the price of Bitcoin to rise to $21,344 by the end of the year. Long-term, its forecast for 2025 is $80,000, and $270,000 in 2030.

BTC will explode 1,320% by 2030, according to Finder

Compared to the current price of BTC, around $19,000, the 2030 forecast corresponds to a potential bottom level of 1320% over the next 8 years, ie an average of +35% per year. A 2025 forecast at $80,000 corresponds to a potential advantage of more than 320% compared to today.

Note, however, that despite the strong bullish Bitcoin forecasts, this survey shows a decline in investor intentions.

“The panel’s year-end 2022 forecast of $21,344 in October is lower than the July forecast of $25,473, as well as the April 2022 forecast of $65,185 and $76. 360 dollars January 2022” indeed specified Finder.

The company said “however, while current projections are lower than previous reports, the panel still expects a similar upside to bitcoin’s price, albeit from a lower base.”

The long-term forecast is also lower than the results of the previous Finder survey in 2021.

The company recalled that “a year ago, the panel predicted that BTC would end the year 2025 at about $ 206,351 and the year 2030 at $ 567,472 – a far cry from the predictions of about $ 79,193. dollars and $270,722 from the October 2022 report.”

The survey also showed that investors are holding up well in the current cryptocurrency bear market, as only 10% of respondents believe that investors should sell their BTC holdings immediately. Additionally, 46% think investors should increase their exposure, while 44% advise them to keep it.

Crypto-assets are a risky investment.

Most Investors believe that Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin

The survey also covered Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency on the market. As for ETH, the vast majority of experts surveyed considered the “merger” to be very beneficial to ETH’s price progress.

It is particularly interesting to note that 54% believe that Ethereum could overtake bitcoin in terms of market capitalization in the future more or less, since only 6% of them believe that this will happen so soon with next year.

Remember in this matter that the event of BTC being overtaken by ETH is expected under the name of “flipping” by Ethereum fans.

One of the respondents, Pedro Febrero, Vice President of Web3 at RealFevr, specifically predicted that Ethereum will surpass BTC in market capitalization in 2025. That does not mean that he does not believe in it, although the future of BTC.

He indeed considered that “bitcoin is still the largest cryptocurrency, with the largest market capitalization and the largest price. Therefore, although it is very likely that it will lose its dominance against other cryptocurrencies, it will continue to outperform most non-crypto assets. Perhaps the lowest volatility of all cryptocurrencies could cause new players to buy BTC.”

He thus joins those who believe that a continued decline in Bitcoin’s volatility could give it a status comparable to a form of digital gold, which could effectively cause BTC’s price to explode to the levels predicted by the survey. mentioned in this article. .

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