Bitcoin and Ethereum keep mining – but this new cryptocurrency rises to $1.2 million

Bitcoin and Ethereum keep mining - but this new cryptocurrency rises to $1.2 million

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After a brief rise, Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently falling again. On the other hand, DeeLance (DLANCE) is showing bullish dynamics: the new cryptocurrency managed to collect more than $1.2 million in capital from investors – and the trend is rising.

Will bitcoin rise again?

The actions of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continue to keep the crypto industry in suspense: the authority, headed by Gary Gensler, is not only suing Binance, but also Coinbase. Two of the largest crypto exchanges in the world must prepare for a potentially long dispute – this disrupts the markets and puts crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum under pressure.

Both faced a correction at first, but they were able to catch up – but they’re down again. Bitcoin (BTC) is down -1.42% in the last 24 hours, while Ethereum has fallen -1.73%. The monthly balance is also bitter: -5.3% for BTC, -0.49% for ETH. If you want to get started: Buying Bitcoin with PayPal is a convenient option.

Bitcoin’s weekly chart shows the crash and subsequent recovery. Image:

At the same time, a bearish shift is worrying analysts: after ten years of dormancy, a bitcoin whale has suddenly transferred all its bitcoins to a new address – to sell? Crypto tracker Lookonchain reports:

“BTC whale inactive for 10.2 years transferred all 1,432.93 $BTC ($37.8M) to new address “bc1psv” 5 minutes ago.

The whale received $1,432.92 BTC on April 9, 2013 when the price was $195.4.”

CryptoQuant analysts add:

“Long-term BTC movement is likely to be selling to take profits or get cash like dollars. It’s not a lot of volume, but it’s a move that could create an additional short-term pullback.”

The conclusion of the chart experts: Anyone who entered a long position should be careful now. Top analyst Nicholas Merten is similarly bearish in a new analysis. According to this, Bitcoin continues to underperform in relation to the NASDAQ – so the analyst sees Bitcoin dismantling in the long term. Merten:

“We’re back in an area we haven’t seen since June 2022. And basically, we’re getting closer to where we were in August.”

According to Merten, the relationship between Bitcoin and NASDAQ says it all: from November 2022 to April 2023, Bitcoin surpassed NASDAQ by a large margin. But one has to ask oneself whether this can continue or not – because currently the ratio has fallen by more than 20% and is approaching a critical level.

This will not affect the new cryptocurrency DeeLance (DLANCE) – the coin has been defying the bearish developments on the crypto markets for days: DeeLance Coin (DLANCE) has so far been able to collect more than $ 1.2 million in capital from investors – consider the project as one of the Best Presales 2023. Why is that?

DeeLance – revolutionizing the job market?

With Deelance Coin, a new, blockchain-based platform for freelancers and clients is just around the corner: Deelance (DLANCE) scores compared to traditional platforms such as Freelancer, Upwork or with greatly improved security, transparency and efficiency – and apart from that, DeeLance also offers some benefits:

  • Low fees: Deelance only charges 2% from clients and 10% from freelancers – other platforms charge up to 20%.
  • Fast, easy payment: Deelance uses cryptocurrencies and smart contracts to process payments and escrow services – without intermediaries or delays.
  • Protection and monetization of your creative works: Deelance wants to enable you to mark and sell your works as NFTs and retain ownership and royalties.
  • The Metaverse Experience: Deelance offers you an immersive Web3 experience where you can hold virtual meetings, present your portfolio and participate in networking events.

Therefore DeeLance Coin (DLANCE) could revolutionize an entire industry: Whether you are a freelancer looking for an exciting project or a client who needs talented freelancers – Deelance is the coin for you. Advantage for investors: Since DeeLance (DLANCE) is still in presale, you are there as soon as possible if you invest now – and you can still take every possible price explosion!

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Last updated on June 8, 2023

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