Bitcoin and Ethereum are recording losses – but this crypto project has 100x potential

Bitcoin and Ethereum are recording losses - but this crypto project has 100x potential

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After a strong week, Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently correcting, both coins are recording losses. According to forecasts, the new environmental fund Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) has 100x potential – it wants to revolutionize the way people recycle things and reward them with cryptocurrency. Which tire should you buy now?

Bitcoin crash again?

A bull run has been hinted at on the charts, but not much has happened so far: both Bitcoin and Ethereum have had to give up some of their recent gains, both assets look weak and directionless.

Bitcoin price lost about 1.33% in the last 24 hours, trading as a result at $26,814 again below $27,000. On the other hand, Ethereum is down 0.73% in the last 24 hours, trading at $1,865. For those who want to use the dip to get in: Buying Bitcoin with PayPal is one of the most practical options.

But what’s next for the top two medals? What development do forecasts expect?

Popular fake trader CryptoTony_ thinks more losses are likely, commenting:

“Very clear where we stand with $BTC / $ETH in the short term ‼️ go

Short term nutrition but later we will pump..”

His colleague TraderMayne has a similar view. He writes to his more than 366,000 followers about Bitcoin price action:

“Poor performance by the Bulls. Caught one h12 green candle before exiting.

It looks like the same lows will be around $25,800 after that, and then the weekly breakout that I’ve been patiently waiting for.”

In short: BTC and ETH may initially fall further before rising again. If that’s too boring for you, you could look at the new environmental fund Ecoterra (ECOTERRA): The project is developing an innovative recycling concept, based on blockchain that rewards you for environmentally friendly trading with cryptocurrency – forecasts understand the next big thing. here, even think that 100x is possible, ie a hundred times increase in value! So what is Ecoterra Coin?

Ecoterra – the next 100x coin?

Crypto analyst Jacob Crypto Bury considers Ecoterra Coin to be one of the best pre-sales to invest in right now. Bury is also promising a possible 100x at Ecoterra – the reason: Ecoterra is trying to redesign a systemically important area of ​​society from scratch – and could thus become one of the most important cryptocurrencies of all.

Because: Ecoterra rewards users who recycle their bottles, cans and glasses – with its own token called ECOTERRA. This allows you to participate in the success of the project and can be traded on different platforms.

That’s not all: Ecoterra Coin also brings companies on board. For example, the project allows companies to use sustainable packaging or reduce their carbon footprint – transparently and verifiable on the blockchain.

According to forecasts, Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) is a promising alternative to Bitcoin or Ethereum – also in terms of potential returns. Analysts are not expecting 10x for BTC or ETH, but for ECOTERRA even 100x could still be possible. At the same time, the project combines blockchain technology with ecological awareness and thus creates real added value for society and nature. And best of all: If you get in now, you’ll be there as soon as possible – 1 ECOTERRA still only costs 0.0085 dollars!

Here for the Ecoterra Presale

Last updated on June 1, 2023

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