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Number one buys number three. The headlines could read something like this in the coming days. In fact, Binance, the undisputed number one crypto exchange, is trying to take on the number two crypto exchange FTX. This was announced by Chenpgeng Zhao, head of Binance, and Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX. The background at FTX is a liquidity barrier. CZ, as Zhao is known in the crypto world, tweeted that FTX had asked for help. To protect the exchange’s users, it has signed a non-binding letter of intent to fully acquire FTX.

Binance and FTX: First Together, Then Separated, Back Together Now?

Binance already invested in the FTX exchange in 2019 and helped them grow. So Chanpeng Zhao was a mentor of sorts to Sam Bankmann-Fried. The latter was considered a prodigy of the crypto scene and is now a multi-billionaire. In 2021, the two parted ways again – and not necessarily for the better. Officially, however, it was said that there were too many differences in the way the company was run. In recent months, CZ and Sam Bankmann-Fried, known as SBF in the crypto world, have repeatedly fought verbal battles via Twitter. Incidentally, at the end of October 2022, the SBF said that it could imagine that Coinbase could be taken over. Nothing will come of it now.


FTX victim run

Like At that time, Terra/Luna FTX or FTT, the stock exchange’s own cryptocurrency, was the victim of a run. Investors suddenly withdrew huge amounts of money and cryptocurrencies from their accounts because they lost confidence in the stock market. Others followed suit and the price of the FTT dropped. Incidentally, CZ may not have been entirely innocent with his tweets. The trigger was a report from Coindesk showing that Alameda – another SBF company – has 2.16 billion FTT tokens. Other assets include Alameda Solana (SOL) and Serum Exchange (SRM). Incidentally, Solana’s rate is also currently dropping, as is SRM’s. One of the biggest casualties of the whole drama, though the bitcoin. This entered a new one Low for the year and currently quoted at a price of around 17,400 euros. Just a year ago (!) BTC reached an all-time high of almost 70,000 US dollars.

Binance and the regulators

But Binance has also been in the focus of supervisory authorities for a long time. With the purchase of FTX, the world’s largest crypto exchange would dominate the market even more, which would displease some authorities such as the SEC or BaFin.

These three cryptos are worth investing

In particular, coins that can be bought in the PreSale have conquered the hearts and wallets of investors and investors in the past, this also applies to the following three cryptocurrencies that can currently be bought in the PreSale.

3. IMPT – the green cryptocurrency

sustainability and cryptocurrencies they are two terms that do not need to be mentioned in the same breath. This is mainly due to Bitcoin with its energy consumption, which is almost epic in proportion.

Symptoms of IMPT

IMPT wants to change that and to prove that crypto and climate protection do not have to be mutually exclusive. Users should be able to trade or burn COβ‚‚ certificates on the platform to offset their own ecological footprint. The emission credits are in turn NFTs. A shopping app is also planned, which should support climate protection projects. The platform with all the features can be accessed through the IMPT native token, which can be purchased right now in the pre-sale.

The IMPT token pre-sale is underway present in the second phase and there are still 1,260,000,000 tokens in the pot at $0.023 before the third stage starts and the token becomes more expensive again.

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2. Calvaria – Axie was Infinity yesterday

Gaming coins with their own Play to Earn Metaverse are very popular, which proved to be great with the Tamadoge pre-sale.

With Calvaria, an NFT trading card game is to be created that allows the players to fight epic battles and duels of eternity. The story is closely related to Mexican mythology. In order to make it easier for new gamers to get started, there will be a free-to-play version of the game as well as the play-with-earnings game to test whether the gameplay suits you at all.

calvaria prognosis

The platform’s native token $RIA can currently be purchased in the PreSale. The coin not only gives gamers access to the game, it can also be used to purchase in-game items and upgrades. Incidentally, the Calvaria NFT should be able to be traded on platforms such as Rarible or OpenSea.

It is currently underway fourth stage of pre-sales out of ten in total. So almost half time. So investors should be quickbecause it looks like this presale will end prematurely as well.

3. Dash2Trade – not just for traders

Last but not least for now is the Coin $D2T in Presale, the Dash2Trade platform utility token. Trading, whether with stocks or cryptos, is very trendy at the moment. It feels like every five minutes you come across an ad where one of the trading rock stars is trying to sell their “dead-proof concept” to investors for a fee.

The new trading platform Dash2Trade wants to prove that trading is easier. In addition to backtesting strategies and a custom pre-sale scoring system, the platform also offers access to trading signals. To be able to use all the functions of the platform without restrictions, you will need premium access, which is paid for with the $D2T coin.

1 million US dollars raising capital in two days - Dash2Trade cracks next pre-sale milestone

The Dash2Trade coin is currently in the third phase of the presale out of a total of nine. Again it should Investors be quick, because the first stage of the pre-sale was completely sold out within three days.

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Last updated on November 9, 2022

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