Bill Murray’s Ethereum wallet hacked after charity auction

Bill Murray's Ethereum wallet hacked after charity auction

the purse Actor and comedian Bill Murray’s Ethereum (ETH) has been hacked. It was used to hold funds from the sale of his collection of official NFTs based on his life and was auctioned off for a charity sale on 31 August. The purpose of this sale, as well as collecting the NFTs, was to fund treatment for Evelyn, a sick child.

$174,000 stolen in the purse by Bill Murray

Stolen from almost 110 Returned Ethereum (WETH). purse (about $174,000). The theft happened after an auction on Coinbase’s NFT platform. The sale brought in 119.2 WETH, or about $185,000. Gavin Gillas, from blockchain startup Project Venkman, co-owned by Murray, first noticed an unauthorized transaction of 108.03 WETH (about $171,500), followed by another transaction of 1.73 WETH (about $2,750 ). He called on the services of Chainalysis, a company specializing in blockchain security and forensics, and informed Coinbase.

A flight that could be even worse

After the auction, Coinbase sent the funds to Bill Murray’s official NFT wallet, which contains no less than 800 NFTs, as well as the actor’s personal collection. The attacker sent the stolen funds to Binance and As soon as the unauthorized transaction was detected, the team implemented emergency protocols to secure the NFTs on their hardware wallet.

An anonymous donor will fund Evelyn’s treatment

@mishap72, who did not win the auction but came in second place, donated the funds to fund the child’s medical care to Chive Charities. Despite this unexpected generous donation, Chive Charities has launched a new call for donations on the GoFundMe platform with a goal of $25,000 to help Evelyn and other sick children.

Bill Murray NFT

called ” wallet drain the malicious code was added to the smart contract to spoil the purse. The theft was therefore limited and the funds were recovered by the experts. The next sale Bill Murray NFT 1000 NFT it could happen on 7 September on the Coinbase NFT platform with whom the actor had signed a partnership.

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