Big jump in sight for bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH)?

Big jump in sight for bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH)?

Jordan Belfort, as the “ Wolf of Wall Street,” recently posted a video on his YouTube channel regarding crypto. He talked in particular about the fall of the FTX exchange as well as the upcoming trend in the Bitcoin and Ethereum markets. The Wolf of Wall Street was quite optimistic about the future of the two largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

FTX bankruptcy cannot prevent the rise of Bitcoin and Ethereum

Former US broker Jordan Belfort said BTC and ETH prices will greatly exceed their current values. He indicated that the fall of FTX will not prevent the emergence of a bullish trend in the markets of both cryptos. To that end, he suggested that investors should keep their bitcoin and ether holdings.

If you have bitcoin or ether you have to make your own decision, but personally I haven’t sold one and I’m buying moresaid the Wolf of Wall Street. He added that his statement does not mean that he does not expect a drop in the price of the two cryptos.

Jordan Belfort’s opinion

In fact, Belfort believes that BTC and ETH will “probably a little lower in the short term“. For that reason, he wantskeep buying them lightly“. However, he believes that BTC and ETH tokens will rise in the long term, in five to ten years.

Jordan Belfort has doubts about other deals

Belfort does not believe that other cryptos will survive the recent crises. In fact, he said he was would not touch at all to other cryptocurrencies Now. He explained that it is necessary to analyze each signal step by step on your own to decide whether to sell or not. He also recommends taking your time to find the right moment for a potential sale.

In addition, The Wolf of Wall Street said:FTX was a scam and there is no way to protect against such a scam“. But, according to him, the fact that FTX is a scam should not make people believe that bitcoin is worthless or will be destroyed.

Belfort did not fail to give recommendations to investors. “If you are buying bitcoin or ether, it should be a very small part of your overall investment portfolio.“, he declared.

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