Ban Bitcoin (BTC)?

Ban Bitcoin (BTC)?

The efforts made by certain states and organizations to prevent the use of bitcoin (BTC) are not new when we know that human societies are always resistant to sudden changes, which have a strong potential to change habits change. Already in 1996, efforts were made to prevent communication between Internet-enabled devices. 26 years later, the advent of internet connectivity on phones and computers has revolutionized communication, and remains one of the great changes in modern society. As the American businessman Charles Kettering said, “The world hates change. But it is the only thing that allowed him to progress..

Before bitcoin, in 1996, ways were raised to ban Internet use on the phone

One of the most criticized and opposed changes since the digital revolution began in 1971 has been the arrival of cryptocurrencies, in this case bitcoin (BTC). Today, many governments have banned its use. Others try to control it to try to control it. So, despite the evidence that cryptocurrency can promote financial inclusion, it is still widely opposed around the world.

One of the most recent revolutions to address this opposition is the advent of the internet and technology that allows two computer users to connect without paying for a call.

These programs allow their users to talk to anyone, anywhere on the internet for the cost of a local call, as long as both parties have the same software and a computer with speakers and a microphone.

The American Telecommunications Carriers Association (ACTA), a group of small long-distance communications companies in Florida, was strongly against this technology and fearing for its business model, against the development of the technology. He asked the authorities to prevent some software companies from selling programs that create a telephone line between two computers on the Internet.

The group also filed a lawsuit against the providers of these services for unfair competition. But his efforts were in vain.

Like bitcoin, communication between devices on the internet was resisted. Several societies around the world were against their development. But nevertheless they have grown and established themselves as critical technologies. Many bitcoiners are still convinced that the same will be true for crypto, despite the bans and restrictions.

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