Avalanche (AVAX) has more than Ethereum (ETH)

Avalanche (AVAX) has more than Ethereum (ETH)

Avalanche is well on its way to dethroning the Ethereum blockchain in several areas. All lights are green for AVAX to outperform ETH. The cryptocurrency Avalanche is on the increase in different sectors, whether in terms of traffic, supply chain, use or status.

Avalanche (AVAX) vs Ethereum (ETH) comparison.

This comparison is about traffic, supply, usage and status.

Avalanche vs Ethereum traffic comparison

On the network Avalanchethis is the traffic :

  • Fee per transfer: 0.383
  • Delay: 2 sec
  • Traffic (GST funds): 0.104/sec

On the network Ethereumthis is it:

  • Fee per transfer: 0.918
  • Delay: 196 seconds
  • Traffic (GST funds): 5.35/sec

Therefore all these indicators continued in favor of the crypto AVAX.

Avalanche vs Ethereum Supply Chain Comparison

Ar Avalanchethese are the numberssupply :

  • Supply available: 39%
  • Inflation: 6%
  • APY annual commitment: 9%

Ar Ethereumme’supply which occurs as follows:

  • Supply Available: None
  • Inflation: 3%
  • APY annual commitment: 4%

In this branch, Avalanche’s power is significant against Ethereum.

Avalanche vs Ethereum Usage Comparison

On both platforms, there are three aspects present, namely:

  • A smart contract
  • Retail Gateways
  • Sovereign portfolios

Avalanche vs Ethereum Status Comparison

It is the same for status, two cryptocurrencies offer the same criteria :

  • Verified public nodes
  • Decentralized nodes

AVAX Avalanche Cryptocurrency Highlights

Avalanche the blockchain platform for executing smart contracts fastest on the network. It uses a consensus algorithm Ava which focuses on the proof of the issue. Here are the benefits of using Avalanche:

  • Create DApps to enhance the platform
  • Launch your own network with good infrastructure
  • Make P2P loans
  • A big step towards Web 3.0 or the Internet of Money.

Avalanche aims to be a central hub and exchange for crypto and traditional financial transactions.

Weak points of the AVAX crypto

Despite many advantages, Avalanche there are some black spots like:

  • The number of developers is lower than on other layer 1 blockchains
  • A fairly significant drop in prices from the beginning of 2022


Avalanche is on its way to dismantle the Ethereum giant. Various reasons for this: lower gas fees, better speed, its revolutionary DeFi technology and Web 3.0 that is coming its way. That being said, Ethereum has not said the last word with the arrival of Ethereum 2.0 which could be a game changer.

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