At Vaculug you can buy coins with Bitcoin!


Despite the crisis, the crypto ecosystem continues to develop quietly. Behind the infrastructure being implemented, the objective is to democratize crypto adoption as much as possible. However, this will inevitably go through agreements with companies and brands to set up encrypted payment methods. Precisely, we have just learned that a big name in crypto payments base authorizes.

Buy your coins in crypto? Possible at Vaculug!

Vaculug, does that speak to you? Maybe not… You should know, however, that this English company a leader in the tire sales sector in Europe among the independent. Why talk about Vaculug and tires?

Simply because an English brand has decidedallow encrypted payments. Concretely, at Vaculug you can pay for the purchase of your coins as well as their mounting and balancing in crypto. The two cryptos that will be used are Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). For this, the company contacted a blockchain partner, Dunross and Chan Ltd. This firm will take care of the technical side such as setting up the architecture and processing the crypto transactions.

With this initiative, the brand hits hard and becomes the first player in the sector to include crypto payments!

Blockchain, the technology of the “present”

The company is willing to show the blockchain and cryptos way to its still reluctant competitors. According to its IT manager, the blockchain is no longer the technology of the future but the “present”. For Vaculug, crypto payments can be opened meet new consumer needs.

“Blockchain technology is not the future but the NOW. We believe that all businesses will have to accept cryptocurrencies in the near future and we are proud to be the first reviewer to do so. We believe that as a customer focused company, we need to move with the times and offer our customers more options than just a pound. In addition, it reduces transaction costs for all parties involved and provides greater value to our customers.” Jason Humphries, Vaculug IT Manager

“We are proud to partner with Vaculug to develop the necessary modules for their industry-leading VMS management system to enable secure payments via blockchain. We’ve worked with Israeli cyber security companies to develop what we believe is the most secure platform in the industry. Sam Dunross, CEO of Dunross and Chan Ltd.

Crypto payments are going mainstream (slowly)…

Let it be said, the market does not mean the end of cryptos, on the contrary! Out of sight (or not for that matter…), crypto developments continue. In parallel with the ecosystem, the whole issue is about crypto utilities, in other words, the encrypted payment options. By democratizing crypto payments, it is a concrete and practical way to raise awareness and attract people to the benefits of crypto. For example, recalling a notice is sufficient You are here accepted crypto payments last year. If the brand has retreated since then, the enthusiasm generated by this announcement is great.

Vaculug’s initiative is noteworthy because it comes at a time when the crypto market is not good. Admittedly, the current state of the crypto market doesn’t necessarily seem conducive to taking a position in favor of crypto. In fact, while some companies are strategically and technically ready to tackle, they are waiting for a “more favorable” time. to do it.

Moreover, a few months ago, Deloitte conducted an interesting survey of sales professionals. The survey found that 85% of professionals considered this establish cryptographic payments as an “important” or even “very important” priority.. The survey was conducted based on a sample of 2,000 senior executives from retail organizations in the consumer goods and services industry. The following sub-sectors were all represented in this survey: cosmetics, digital products, electronics, fashion, food and drink, home/garden, hospitality and leisure, personal and household goods, services and transport.

When the market takes off, it’s therefore a safe bet that many companies will set up crypto payment services.

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