After Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, the next big coin is coming

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Many meme coins have boomed in the past. They are a fun change for investors from the usual cryptocurrencies. In most cases, a dog of the Shiba Inu breed is depicted on their coins.

The Dogecoin is probably the most famous meme coin. In March of last year, its price received a spike after Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted about the cryptocurrency. Shortly after, the next sign appeared, which not only has a Shiba Inu dog on the base, but was also named after it, the Shiba Inu Coin.

Now a meme coin is coming into the crypto world that wants to be completely different from the previous dog tokens: Tamadoge. In contrast to other joke coins, the cryptocurrency offers its investors a real use case and already has great hype potential.

Tamadoge (TAMA) – how the presale shows the meme coin’s potential

The TAMA token is still in pre-sale, but according to some forecasts, it already has a good future. According to forecasts, if positive, it could be as high as $4 per year.

The presale, which has been running since July 3rd, has been very positive for Tamadoge so far. To date, over $18 million worth of tokens have been sold. According to the developers’ plans, the pre-sale should continue until November. But the last of the eight pre-sale stages had already been reached on 16 September.

The TAMA coins have been sold at a fast pace so far, if this development continues during the final phase, it can be expected that the pre-sale will be successfully completed in the coming days. The sign already has two lists in mind. LBank and PancakeSwap said they will be adding it soon. But what makes the Tamadoge so popular at the moment?

What distinguishes TAMA from Shiba Inu, Dogecoin and Co.?

The Tamadoge developers make the biggest difference with a real application. Anyone with a sign gets access to a healthy ecosystem that revolves around a Shiba Inu dog. The play-to-earn game is at the forefront of the Metaverse.

The Tamadoge Game: Earn money with TAMA

The play-to-earn game should be one of the biggest price drivers for Tamadoge. More and more new cryptocurrencies are trying to integrate them into their metaverses. The games give real value to deposit holders and make cryptocurrency more tangible for them.

Of course, the game is all about the Shiba Inu dog. Each player is given an NFT-based dog at the start of the game. From now on he has to take care of his pet and develop it further. This game mechanism is reminiscent of the Tamagotchis, which had a huge hype in the 90s.

Dog owners who have taken good care of their dogs and developed it sufficiently can participate in a PVP battle with it. This is where the play-to-earn system comes into play, whoever wins such a dogfight gets Dogepoints as a reward. At the end of each month, the player with the most Dogepoints gets TAMA tokens as a reward.

The game will also be available to users as an app next year, making it easier for players to take care of their dog on a regular basis. The app is supposed to have an AR mode (augmented reality mode), which has already caused great enthusiasm with other apps.

The game may have a certain addictive factor that encourages players to keep coming back. Other important factors related to the sign complete the well-planned ecosystem behind Tamadoge.

Deflationary signaling

The deflated coin comes with a burn rate designed to increase the coin’s value over the long term. With every transaction that takes place in the metaverse, 5% of the trading tokens are burned.

Example: A player buys an in-game item in the shop for 100 TAMA tokens, 5 of which are then burned. Due to the constant scarcity of the coins, the increase in value is ensured even when the demand is stagnant. Dogecoin also depends on a burn rate.

Tamadoge differs from many other cryptocurrencies in terms of fees. There are no transaction fees in the token, these are registered in most crypto projects to finance the project itself.

The forecasts for TAMA

So the token already has many value-added properties, there is a large community behind Tamadoge and the developers still have many plans, such as additional CEX listings and partnerships for the Metaverse. In various TAMA forecasts, analysts assume that the value could be between USD 0.044 and USD 1 by the end of the year.

In various forecasts at, the TAMA token has been compared to developments in other meme coins and Bitcoin. All forecast outputs see a sharp rise in TAMA’s course in the short term. Even if the overall market is bearish, it could be a relatively good value.

bull caseMedium caseBear case

So you can buy the Tamadoge Token now

Step 1: Set up a wallet

If you want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, you need a wallet. So set up a wallet like Metamask in your browser. This usually only takes a few minutes.

Tamadoge Wallet

Step 2: Fund USDT or ETH

USDT or ETH is required to buy TAMA tokens. So buy one of those currencies first on a crypto exchange like Fortunately, these tires can also be purchased directly on the TAMA platform.

Buy ETH at Tamadoge

Step 3: Buy TAMA

Now visit the Tamadoge website, link your wallet to the site and use the Buy Now button. Choose a cryptocurrency to pay in. In the next window, indicate how many tokens you want to convert. Complete the purchase by clicking “Trade”.

Buy TAMA with USDT

Step 4: Request a token

Once the pre-sale is complete, visit the website again and select “Claim” to claim your purchased tokens. After this step, you can send your tokens to your linked wallet.

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