After Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, the next big coin is coming –

After Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, the next big coin is coming -

The deep red sky is in crypto-land: Bitcoin is worth USD 30,000 today, Ethereum at USD 1,900 and the coins are also smaller from the beginning of the week after falling into the abyss. In fact, we are talking about it here Depreciation between 30 and 50%. Bitcoin and Co. on a deep red descent – and there is no end in sight!

But there are some notable exceptions: DeFi coins and DeFi projects are taking an old look at the known cryptocurrencies. Because in addition to the price gains, they are especially attractive here high returns from betting and farming.


What are DeFi Coins? What is the principle behind your success? Where to expect a price jump and which coins are worth buying in 2022?

What are DeFi bases and DeFi projects?

DeFi is the Abbreviation for decentralized finance – have great potential for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in general. DeFi projects mean projects that offer services as we know them from traditional banks, but the middle man is left out. For example, through DeFi projects Loans or savings accounts without a third party intermediary can.

The DeFi DEFC and LBLOCK coins in particular are promising. Here you will find out what these coins and related projects are all about.

What makes the DeFi Medal (DEFC) special?

Bonn Defi

Of the Bonn DeFi (DEFC) it is currently a project in the field of decentralized finance incredible gains possible list. Within a week the value of the coin jumped from $ 0.1 to $ 0.56 – .i more than 460 percent! Given the sad state of other cryptocurrencies, this is limited by a miracle. So why is the tire being pumped so hard and still worth buying?

The DeFi Medal was launched on 10 May 2021. During the year, the team unveiled its ambitious roadmap. But then nothing happened for a long time, the fan grew impatient and the course took effect. Until recently. As the next milestone of the roadmap has now been successfully implemented: With DeFi Swap, the project’s decentralized exchange including an online farming pool went. The DEFC, in turn, is DeFi Swap’s native signal so it’s no surprise that it directly benefited from the launch of the DEX.

DeFi Swap Earn Farm Bet Ecosystem Swap

The goal of DeFi Swap is a decentralized exchange that allows users to earn interest through stalking and yield farming. About the area »swap“Users can buy and sell their coins simply and easily. This is done directly with other non-average users.

In addition there is one during staking, in which you can bet your own coins for rewards. For the result framesubsequently rewarded with fixed interest payments over a set period of time, it also creates a liquidity pool from which crypto loans can be granted.

So the concept behind the platform rewards money for buying and holding coinsbecause it allows users to withdraw dividends with a fixed bonus structure.

With plans focused on NFTs and the swap-earned-farm swap ecosystem focused on explosive growth, DeFi Coin and DeFi Swap are a great way to capture a share of the lucrative results offered by DeFi.

For example, DeFi Swap currently delivers four core plans with very attractive results for DEFC farming:

  • Bronze: 30 days – 30% APY
  • Money: 90 days – 45% APY
  • Gold: 180 days – 60% APY
  • Platinum: 365 days – 75% APY

The project is based on the Binance Smart Chain so it can score with low gas prices and high transaction speeds. The highest rate of all coins was $ 4 and it is currently trading at $ 0.36. Given the current promotion, it is not unrealistic to set a price target in which the coins trade above $ 2.0 again. This would mean 10x profit for investors!

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Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – a decentralized lottery on the blockchain

The Lucky Block Coin (LBLOCK) could also take advantage of the hype associated with decentralized projects. This medal belongs to the innovative lottery project of the same name. Lucky Block is planning the first drawing of their crypto lottery this May and the full prize pool available in the lottery will start at $ 2.40 million, the company said.

But what does a lottery have to do with cryptocurrencies and then also the principle of decentralization? Traditional lotteries often have to deal with allegations of bias and unfair winning mechanisms. In contrast, Lucky Block’s goal is to build a fairer and more transparent lottery.

That’s why they decided on a blockchain project: The algorithm for both the rafters and the transactions can be seen in public, and the potential for fraud is greatly reduced. In addition, the operation of crypto lottery is much cheaper and this has a positive impact on the amount of winnings paid.

According to their principle of fairness, as well as paid opportunities – a ticket costs 5 USD – free participation opportunities too give: All holders automatically receive a free ticket deposit for the daily Jackpot draws. In this way, the team wants to appeal to a broad segment of the population.

The following is also planned for the split of the Lucky Block jackpot:

Charitable organizations are awarded 10% of the daily jackpot, Holders of tokens receive a 10% return in the form of their reward8% goes to Lucky Block for marketing purposes and 2% is set aside for a separate Lucky Block NFT prize draw.

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Last Updated May 12, 2022

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