According to Mark Cuban, this crypto is better than Cardano…

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Mark Cuban loves crypto. In addition to loving, he invests a lot in crypto and often gives his views on the market. Precisely, he just talked about Cardano. And the least we can say is that the billionaire does not carry the Cardano crypto in his heart! Or rather, he prefers other cryptos than Cardano (ADA)… Which one?

Mark Cuban, Dogecoin supporter but not too much of Cardano

As we know, Mark Cuban is one of the strong supporters of Dogecoin (DOGE), just like Elon Musk. Dogecoin is also part of its crypto portfolio.

Recently, he was on a show about cryptos. The name of the radio program is ” Daily Altcoin Podcast “. In other words, it’s about discussing cryptos and especially altcoins like… Dogecoin!

Mark Cuban did not miss the opportunity to be proud of his crypto Dogecoin (DOGE). But he also spoke about Cardano in rather negative terms. Basically, according to him, Cardano is not having the success it expected. Although crypto created by Charles Hoskinson opened up with smart contracts several months ago, he does not see many projects pushing the door

According to Mark Cuban, the number of transactions the “indicator” to look at to determine encryption “success”. And this number obviously does not explode. Moreover, although Africa is a territory where the Cardano crypto counts a lot, at the moment the coin does not have the intended impact.

“I think people in Africa are not using Cardano as much as expected. » Mark Cuban, billionaire and crypto investor

However, Mark Cuban doesn’t think we should draw a definitive line on Cardano. According to him, the attracting large application potential in the future which would be used around the world. As he says, “the door is open but it hasn’t happened yet”.

Dogecoin and Cardano do not (yet) play the same category

Comparing Cardano and Dogecoin is not easy (or relevant?). Why? Simply because these two cryptos are not currently focused on the same thing. Cardano is in the category of “ ethereum killers “. A competitor of Ethereum, Cardano is a crypto that allows the decentralized application development (dApps). On the other hand, Dogecoin is a coin designed more for payments and transactions like Bitcoin. Also, comparing Cardano to Dogecoin is like comparing Ethereum to Bitcoin… which doesn’t make too much sense, let’s face it.

So why is Mark Cuban making this comparison? In fact, the billionaire imagines that Dogecoin will be able to one day in direct competition by Cardano. In fact, Mark Cuban thinks it is reasonable to see Dogecoin eventually as a platform that helps the development of decentralized applications. When (if?) that happens, it will be time to compare the two cryptos. Meanwhile, the Cardano crypto is still firmly established in the global top 10…

Capitalization of Dogecoin and Cardano

If for Mark Cuban, the Cardano is currently failing, the ADA coin is still better than the Dogecoin in terms of capitalization. At the time of writing this article, the Cardano is the 8th crypto in the world with a capitalization of around 17 billion euros. On the other hand, DOGE corner steps 11th grade with a capitalization of almost 9 billion euros. In other words, Cardano weighed almost twice as much as Dogecoin. Not as bad as “failed” encryption!

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