According to Larry Fink, bitcoin captured their attention and imagination

According to Larry Fink, bitcoin captured their attention and imagination

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On the Bitcoin Documentary Twitter profile, you can watch a video of BlackRock CEO Larry Fink explaining “ there is bitcoin caught the attention and imagination of many people. They are interested and excited. Recall that BlackRock is the largest asset manager in the world.

Bitcoin documentation relaunched on Twitter the words of the CEO of BlackRock.

Larry Fink’s view on bitcoin has evolved

Speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations with former Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink said:

Bitcoin has captured the attention and imagination of many people. Not yet tested, quite small compared to other markets. » Before you go on to say: These big giants move every day … it’s a tight market. Can it be transformed into a global market? Maybe… »

BlackRock appears to be the first major traditional asset manager to praise the potential value of Bitcoin. In fact, Larry Fink is not the only company executive to show interest in the queen of cryptocurrencies. Its chief investment officer, Rick Rieder, told CNBC that not only the Bitcoin is “here to stay”, but that it will “to a certain extent replace the gold”.

Will institutional investors go to Bitcoin for sure?

The words of BlackRock’s chief investment officer seem to predict it anyway. Indeed, Il Rieder declared: I think cryptocurrency is here to stay, and I think it’s sustainable… I think digital currency and the acceptance – especially the millennial acceptance of technology and cryptocurrency – which is true. Talking about the use of crypto for payments, he says:

Digital payment systems are real. So, I think Bitcoin is here to stay…»

I don’t do much or anything in my portfolios… But I think so a durable mechanism that will largely replace gold ? Yes, I do because it’s much more functional than smuggling gold bars… »

It is clearly unusual for large investment firms talk openly about the potential of bitcoin. I have to say that things changeespecially since MicroStrategy started making profits on Bitcoin.

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