According to Finder Research, bitcoin (BTC) could rise to $270,000 by 2030

According to Finder Research, bitcoin (BTC) could rise to $270,000 by 2030

This week, Finder, an Australian financial services company, which also produces comparative studies of different products and markets, published a new study related to the bitcoin (BTC) market. The independent upstream survey was conducted by a panel of 60 financial experts and analysts. The analyzes mainly focus on the price of the main crypto project by the end of the year, until 2030, going through 2025. Decryption.

BTC at $80,000 in 2025 and at $270,000 in 2030!

Finder analysts believe that bitcoin will start to rise from the end of the year, reaching $270,000 in 2030. They are quite bullish on the long-term valuation, and they expect the price to reach almost $80,000 in 2025. But before that, is the should cryptocurrency trading at $21,300 by the end of this year. An increase of 11% compared to the current valuation of the course.

Bitcoin (BTC) will trade flat for the rest of the year, but 2025 could see new highs never seen before, according to @finderusa’s latest BTC price forecast report. A Finder panel of 55 fintech and cryptocurrency experts believes BTC will… — Sunshine Slate (@sunshineslated) October 19, 2022

This new prediction from Finder experts and analysts is not as optimistic as the one they published in 2021. In fact, last year, the platform predicted that BTC would trade at $206,351 in 2025 and $567,472 in 2030. Some of the experts surveyed last year predicted BTC at $1 million in 2030. This is the case of Serhii Zhdanov, CEO of the EXMO exchange.

The just-released document explains that some fundamentals went into the new prophecy. Although the onset of the bear market and deteriorating market conditions are affecting the forecast, Finder experts are willing to expect an upward trajectory.

“Although the current projections are lower than previous reports, the panel still expects a similar upward trend in the price of bitcoin, but starting from a lower base (…) Nothing has fundamentally changed with for bitcoin , it is a global capital crisis, and bitcoin impact in the short term, but the situation will recover. However, it should be noted that this will not be the case with many other financial assets, which will not be repaid. »

Moreover, 77% of the panel consider that bitcoin is now a store of value, hence their optimism about its price dynamics.

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What do Finder analysts recommend?

If for the analysts Finder, the price forecasts were unanimous, the posture they recommend to investors facing the market is not the same. 10% of the panelists think it’s a good time for investors to sell their BTC holdings. 46% think they should increase their exposure, while 44% advise them to keep their assets.

In another program, the panelists considered one of the current issues of the moment. Whether ether (ETH) will take over from bitcoin. To this, Pedro Febrero, Vice President of Web3 at RealFevr, responds and predicts that Ether will overtake BTC in 2025.

However, he claimed that BTC will continue to outperform most non-crypto assets. “The lowest volatility of all cryptocurrencies may cause new investors to buy BTC. “, he continued.

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