Acceptance of bitcoin (BTC) – CAR: A delegation of bitcoiners will leave for Central African Republic, including Surfin ‘Bitcoin

Acceptance of bitcoin (BTC) - CAR: A delegation of bitcoiners will leave for Central African Republic, including Surfin 'Bitcoin

The law on bitcoin acceptance unanimously validated by Central African delegates will completely change the situation in the CAR. This initiative indeed promises a legal framework for the queen of cryptocurrencies across the territory and also… The long-awaited financial freedom of some countries dominated by foreign power. In order to clarify certain gray areas of this new orientation, the local government called for a delegation of bitcoiners. One of them is a representative from Surfin ‘Bitcoin.

Central African Republic, second country to make bitcoin legal

On April 21, a number of CAR deputies voted unanimously on the bill governing the adoption of the BTC. A welcome initiative, Justin Gourna Zacko, Minister for the Digital Economy, Jobs and Telecommunications, which aims to create a favorable environment for the Central African financial sector.

Even the fine mathematician and current president, Faustin-Archange Touadéra, did not hide his joy after the promulgation of this law on the acceptance of bitcoin. Here is his tweet dated April 27th.

Therefore, the financial landscape of the CAR will change as soon as this law is validated. First, it will allow the payment of tax contributions in cryptocurrencies through government-approved platforms. Then, we will state the possibilities of buying and selling a good or service with the same assets. And cross-border money transfers are no exception.

Also, the CAR would consider accepting bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a door out of the CFA zone. With the new waves of protest against French surveillance in some African countries, that possibility cannot be ruled out.

To say that the opposition does not agree with the executive. Martin Ziguélé, former prime minister and current MP of the opposition, believes: ” this law is a way to achieve the CFA Franc by means of a method that empties the common currency of its substance (…), it is not a priority for the country, this approach asks: who benefits from crime? »

Dissatisfied, the opposition plans to attack the famous law on bitcoin before the Constitutional Court.

From his throne, the IMF says it is concerned that the adoption of BTC would bring inequities to the Central African economic system.

The Central African Republic calls on bitcoiners for help

Just a week ago, the YouTube channel Grand Angle Crypto reported that the Central African government had invited some French icons of the cryptosphere to visit Bangui. Certainly, these bitcoiners will have the specific mission of democratizing bitcoin at the local population level.

The official letter issued by Alfreda Poloko, President of the Economic and Social Council of the Central African Republic, provides some details on the invitation.

The reason for the invitation is stated: Conference-debate on the attention of national minorities and civil society, followed by widespread communication of the population’s attention on Bitcoin, under the authority of the Economic and Social Council “.

The document also lists the list of international vicars who will be part of this delegation, whose presence in Bangui will take place from 20 to 30 May. To know:

  • Sébastien Gouspillou, CEO of BigBlock Green Mining, Bitcoin speaker;
  • Jean-Marie Cambacérès, former President of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council, former interest;
  • Ricardo Perez Marco, mathematician;
  • Nicolas Butrey, Bitcoin specialist;
  • Noor Elhuda El Bawad, Director of Partners at Galoy;
  • Richard Détente, CEO of Media Wide Angle.

Grand Angle Crypto clarified that this invitation reached them on May 10th.

Surfin ‘Bitcoin will be part of the team

The list of plugins includes some well-known figures, such as:

  • Samson Mow;
  • Alex Gladstein;
  • Alexis Roussel;
  • Fode Diop;
  • Kambale Glory;
  • Giles Cadigan;
  • Etc.

Surfin ’Bitcoin, through a tweet, also clarified that a member of staff will be part of this delegation. In the absence of accurate information, we will not intentionally mention the name of this representative, as his or her identity is deliberately concealed.

However, we can consider with this initiative that the invitation from Surfin ‘Bitcoin would be linked to his experience in terms of events. Because the CAR will accept bitcoin there will be some education and training activities in particular.

Why deny his expertise since he excels in animation and fun activities aimed at promoting the queen of cryptocurrencies.

Giving financial freedom by accepting bitcoin is not easy at all. It takes more effort than unanimity in a country house. El Salvador has lessons to learn on this topic, or it would not have been Bretton Woods’ recent organization of Bitcoin. The CAR sought the assistance of this delegation of international bitcoiners to pursue its new monetary policy.

Sources: TV5 Monde Information

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