A stable EUROC Circle base will soon be available on Solana (SOL)

Le stablecoin EUROC de Circle sera bientôt disponible sur Solana (SOL)

One more block chain for EUROC. Euro stablecoin Circle will be available on Solana (SOL) early next year, along with the company’s cross-chain transfer protocol. How to promote the adoption of the Euro Coin?

EUROC Circle lands on Solana

The news was announced during the Solana Breakpoint event. Circle, which offers USDC among other things, has confirmed that its EUROC will soon be available on Solana. The euro supports the stablecoin, and more than 80,000 are currently in circulation.

The emergence of EUROC capitalization during the month

Just like USDC, EUROC will be available with Solana Pay. It’s a way for the stablecoin to unlock new uses, according to Solana Labs head of payments Sheraz Shere:

The future of banking and Fintech will be due to stables like the Euro Coin on fast, efficient chains with almost instant settlements.»

Exchange FTX has confirmed that it will offer EUROC deposits, withdrawals and purchases as soon as the stablecoin launches on Solana. Major decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols have reportedly shown interest. This is very important: part of the sector that covers stable coins, and those that are supported by the euro still have a place to take.

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The exchange in which the wind is sent⭐

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Circle is committed to multiple channels

According to Joao Reginatto, Vice President of Products at Circle, a key aspect of their future adoption is to offer stablecoins on different channels and platforms:

A multi-currency strategy for stablecoins provides users with options and multi-chain availability that makes it easier to access liquidity.»

This is also the strategy for the Circle Cross-Chain Transfer protocol. The latter allows USDC to be used and sent on multiple blockchains. The idea is to provide a way for developers to transport the stablecoin in a flexible way. There will be multiple uses, including multi-channel dApps.

There are some signs that the stable euro is starting to attract interest from major crypto companies in recent months. Last week, we learned that Ripple (XRP) would now integrate a major euro stable, the EURS. But there is still a long way to go: the stablecoin dollar is still the vast majority, so those based on the European currency will have to continue to disrupt the popular uses of cryptocurrencies.

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Source: Circle, press release


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