800 Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs launched

800 Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs launched

Still hoping to make cryptocurrencies more accessible, Coinsource plans to install 800 bitcoin ATMs. To launch them, it has partnered with one of the largest gas station brands, Kwik Trips. The goal is to reach more people through their convenient and accessible venue.

Coinsource and Kwik Tour: partner in setting up 800 bitcoin ATMs

Kwik Trip and Coinsource: Both project partners

Coinsource, in November 2017, became the largest bitcoin ATM operator. Initially, the company used the Genesis Coin solution. But later, he developed his own proprietary software. In this way, the user experience can fully customize and control its machines. Coinsource is the only company with a national BitLicense. Leads the industry on application and compliance standards. Its fees are lower than the industry average. It provides live customer support. The combination of this service and its proprietary technology will enable fast and secure bitcoin ATM transactions.

Kwik Trip is one of the largest household gas station brands across the United States. In total, they have more than 32,000 employees. Kwik Trip is also one of the largest independent convenience stores in the United States. In line with their commitment, 40% of their pre-tax profit margin is shared with their employees.

The main purpose of the partnership

As part of its plan to launch 800 bitcoin ATMs, Coinsource has partnered with Kwik Trips. These ATMs should be distributed and supplied throughout the United States. Specifically, this partnership will install distributors at Kwik Trip gas stations in the Midwest, ie Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa. Coinsource billing is a flat fee of 11% nationwide. In addition, it offers a discount to Kwik Trip Rewards program members. This additional discount is valid for all participating establishments.

Both parties benefit from this partnership. On the one hand, Coinsource can advance its mission of making cryptocurrency more accessible to all Americans. Its main priority is to establish ATMs in convenient and essential places. In fact, bitcoin has become increasingly essential to Americans. On the Kwik Trip side, their customers will be able to have simplified access to bitcoin. Because Coinsource is a BitLicense, virtual currency trading activities are regulated. The company has two types of bitcoin vending machines. There are one-way distributors and two-way distributors. The first type only allows customers to purchase bitcoins for cash. While the latter allows to buy and sell bitcoins for cash.


The partnership between Coinsource and Kwik Trip provides users with an easier, faster and above all way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. This can be achieved through Coinsource’s proprietary technology and Kwik Trip gas station distribution. Bitcoin ATMs are located in convenient and accessible places.

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