5 Reasons Why Elon Musk’s Dogecoin Investors Are Buying Tamadoge Now –

5 Reasons Why Elon Musk's Dogecoin Investors Are Buying Tamadoge Now -

It’s 2021 Dogecoin the big one Hype about memes inspired: Although the coin was originally intended as a parody of Bitcoin, it could loyal community to win. Fueled by Elon Musk’s tweets, it soared to an all-time high of $0.7315 in 2021 – a 2,000% rise in just under 5 days.

Many traders could certainly use this boom and through smart investment win a lot of money in a short time. But today the coin is trading at $0.0666 again, 90% below that level. Then Meme Coins also compared to other cryptocurrencies especially volatile and they like to respond with violent swings up or down, for example to statements by famous people.


With Tomato now coin makes a new meme also on the dog trend to raise Unlike the Dogecoin, this project has one an ambitious roadmap prepared. The coin is so far only available in pre-salethere is a lot of potential hype and offers above average profit chance.

In the following article, explains 5 reasons why you should buy TAMA instead of Dogecoin right now.

1) The project was designed with a use case

Dogecoin one of the oldest cryptocurrencies and was Developed in 2014 as a parody of Bitcoin. The two inventors were very surprised that such a hype would develop around this coin. Because Dogecoin is also the first meme coin, so-called fun currencies, and all these no deeper use cases and that they are only for the amusement of investors.

However, this also means that they are very volatile and prone to short-term trends. They are definitely the best examples of this Elon Musk’s tweetswith which he will celebrate regularly in 2021 The price of Dogecoin rose. This pushed the coin to an all-time high of $0.7315.

The developers began to focus more on the use case of the currency and try to establish them as a means of payment. However, with a value of less than one US dollar per Dogecoin, this is difficult.

at Tomato only depends also on the successful trends of coin dog and currency fun, but in addition use case design from scratch: Because the users play in the Tamadoge ecosystem A P2E game with a Tamadoge dog as a pet. The users feed and care for this virtual animal to first raise it and then compete with it. This gives the players an opportunity rise in ranking and one as the best part of the week Payment of remuneration in TAMA to get.

2) Tamadoge: An exciting roadmap for the coming years

It’s still Tamadoge new encryption project: The pre-sale only started at the end of July, the project is still ongoing at the beginning of its roadmap. However, this is promising and shows what Tamadoge is up to.

After completing the pre-sale phase and still i Q4-2022 already the The opening of the NFT market place and the first CEX listings planned. The subject Metaverse Partnerships should The beginning of the year 2023 focused – Tamadoge has set an ambitious goal to make its NFTs transferable. So users can also play with their Tamadoge pets in other Metaverses. For the second half of next year the Tamadoge P2E arcade launched with a collection of different games and the The Tamadoge AR app was launched planned. Achieving these milestones should be a price driver for the price of the TAMA token.

3) Double check by Coinsniper and Solid Proof

Directly projects and new tiresfound within an ICO, bear special risks. This also means that the developers do not implement the project at all, but secretly go about raising the capital. This is also known in the crypto scene called Rug Pull and it is very annoying for all investors.

To protect investors from this risk, Tamadoge has checked by an independent third party. Coinsniper verified the project and the development team created the Go through the customer notification process. In addition, received another code review by solid proof.

4) CEX listings are imminent

As previously mentioned, Tamadoge is still a young tire with big plans. Since it is still in pre-sale It is for sale, it is at this time still particularly cheap to have The project team already announces on their website that it will be 25% more expensive after CEX and DEX listing.

The exciting thing about it: Although the project is still so young, LBbank already announced a centralized exchange that the A coin will be available there in the future. Once the project starts later in the year, LBank will also be listed. This allows an early stage within the project good availability for all interested parties. Moreover, it will Increase the liquidity of the token and this may lead to a price increase.

So the signs are looking good for the TAMA sign, because it will more CEX and DEX listings are sure to follow. This is worth it for early investors: Because new listings are usually associated with price jumps for the corresponding coins.

5) A deflated base as a price driver

If you look at the tokenomics of Dogecoin and Tamadoge, you immediately notice fundamental differences. Then Tamadoge is designed as a deflation basewho Dogecoin coin inflation yes.

Tamadoge has one A total supply of two billion securities with an initial value of $0.01. These are kept 50% for pre-sale, 30% for delisting and 20% for DEX and CEX listings. In addition: There is one 5% burn rate on all sales. This will burn tokens with each transaction. This creates a deflation effect that many of the newer tires are taking advantage of: If demand remains the same, the course will automatically increase.

In contrast, Dogecoin is designed to be inflated. Originally it was designed for a maximum of 100 billion coins, this one However, the limit was raised in February 2014. Well it will 5.256 billion new Dogecoin tokens minted every year. As the total number of properties keeps increasing and more and more coins are coming into circulationthis is a sign of inflation. This could put pressure on future price developments.

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Last updated on August 4, 2022

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