44 countries gather in El Salvador to talk about Bitcoin (BTC)

44 pays se réunissent au Salvador pour parler du Bitcoin (BTC)

44 countries gathered in El Salvador: secret meeting

Representatives from 32 central banks and 12 financial authoritiesrepresenting 44 countries, met yesterday in El Salvador to discuss various topics including digital economy, financial inclusion, deployment and benefits of Bitcoin (BTC) in the economy.

This is surprising since no media, not even the Salvadoran local media, did not reveal this meeting, they did not even seem to be aware of this last announced announcement of this conference.

it is Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador, which tweeted Sunday afternoon that representatives from 44 countries will gather in El Salvador the next day to discuss Bitcoin, among other things. But before this tweet, no one seemed to know.

President Salvadoran himself revealed the list of countries that participated in this meeting in a series of tweets. We find that these representatives are mainly from central banks and financial authorities developing countriesincluding Nigeria, Mauritania, Egypt, Nepal, Pakistan, Morocco, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Paraguay, Angola, Guinea and Madagascar.

It is not surprising to see the Central African Republic present at this meeting after the country also adopted Bitcoin as legal tender in April.

Many Latin American countries are also in attendance, including Costa Rica, Ecuador and Honduras.

The meeting takes place at Bitcoin Beach, a city that promotes Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador. The city has also published a message about the meeting sending a message to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which has repeatedly stated his lack of confidence in bitcoin acceptance with El Salvador as legal tender.

Tweet, Bitcoin Beach tells IMF “ do not be worried “, this meeting” probably nothing “.

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Bitcoin in the middle of the debate?

After El Salvador accepted Bitcoin as a legal tender last September, the country became a benchmarking in cryptocurrencies. It turns out that the president of the country was very friendly crypto, and was always open about it. The country also has bitcoins, having accumulated more than 2,000 to date (worth over $ 60 million at current prices).

Despite numerous criticisms and mistrust from other countries and financial institutions, it turns out that since Bitcoin became legal tender, tourism has increased by 30% in the small country.

It seems that encourage other developing countries who agreed to participate in this meeting which will probably discuss the benefits of Bitcoin adoption. El Salvador could illustrate that how bitcoin is usedas well as its numerous benefits to such a large economy.

But really, because there is no leaking information, we do not know the full agenda. Participants and local authorities kept the meeting confidential until the last minute.

We doubt El Salvador could serve a role model for these many countries with small economies. Will we then see other countries adopting BTC?

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Source: Twitter

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