$250,000 for bitcoin (BTC) by mid 2023?

$250,000 for bitcoin (BTC) by mid 2023?

Billionaire Tim Draper is a strong supporter of the world’s first crypto. This American venture capitalist has often been very optimistic and bullish on bitcoin (BTC). In May, he was interviewed by renowned crypto trader and producer Scott Melker. During the interview, he made a very optimistic prediction about the price of crypto in the coming months. Recently, during the Web Summit 2022, he confirmed his prediction.

Bitcoin (BTC): six digits, then seven digits?

In an online interview with Scott Melker, American venture capitalist Tim Draper made a very bullish prediction about bitcoin (BTC). Indeed, he said:Suddenly all the women will have a bitcoin wallet and they will be buying things with bitcoins and you will see the price of bitcoin explode to $250,000“.

Interview with Tim Daper

The billionaire reiterated his views at the recent Web Summit, held in Lisbon from 1er to November 4, 2022. Draper then claimed, “By mid-2023, I expect bitcoin to reach $250,000“. He also indicated that yes Adoption of crypto flagships will increase. The venture capitalist expects BTC to become a payment method for food.

He also thinks that crypto will be used to pay for housing and that fiat currency will be used less and less. Recall that Draper declared in May:I will be very disappointed if we don’t see seven figure bitcoin in the next few years“.

Tim Draper advises not to limit the use of BTC

The American venture capitalist noted that countries would suffer if they decided to restrict the use of bitcoin (BTC). He suggested that governments should not hold back the acceptance of this crypto just because they want to control all currencies.

Whenever there’s a new technology, and if the government accepts it, lets its people try it, those people will often do amazing things … we’re going through that right now, it’s going to be interesting“Said Tim Draper.

Since the early days of bitcoin (BTC), Tim Draper embraced crypto. In fact, the venture capital found its first BTC tokens in 2011 on Mt. Gox. But he admitted that he lost all his BTC holdings during the exchange crash. Despite everything, it is still certain that crypto has many possibilities.

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