100x back! This is the best new altcoin to invest in while mining bitcoin

100x back!  This is the best new altcoin to invest in while mining bitcoin

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Bitcoin failed to extend its price jump again: After rising to almost $27,400, BTC had to give up some of its recent gains within the last 24 hours. But there are other promising options that may be worth buying.

Bitcoin falls to $12,000?

Bitcoin Bear and top analyst Nicholas Merten will make no secret of his pessimistic view: Bitcoin will come, according to his forecast – he sees the digital asset falling to $12,000 in the coming months.

Price action over the past few weeks has been too weak and the macroeconomic outlook too bleak. Merten doesn’t see any catalyst that will drive Bitcoin to new highs, and it doesn’t look like the bullpen will be able to put enough buying pressure on it.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $26,700 after falling -2.23% in the last 24 hours. The coin was able to gain a lot up front – but as is often the case, BTC was unable to hold on to the profits for long. If you still want to join: Buying Bitcoin with a bank transfer is a practical option.

Therefore many investors are looking for a new cryptocurrency that offers them high returns and exciting opportunities. Many investors are currently relying on the upcoming crypto project Launchpad.XYZ: The innovative platform is still in the pre-sale (pre-sale), it can be bought cheaply and therefore offers a strong risk ratio -back. Was it worth starting?

Launchpad.XYZ – Best Bitcoin Option?

Forecasts assume – that they consider even 100 times possible, ie at least a tenfold increase in the invested capital.

But why is that – and why is Launchpad.XYZ one of the best altcoins to buy right now? Very simple: Launchpad.XYZ allows users to invest in the best and most promising crypto projects.

The platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze the price development of trend signals and makes a corresponding forecast based on 400 data sets. So you can invest in the best crypto projects before they are listed on the exchanges.

In addition, you will be supported by artificial intelligence, which will provide you with all the relevant data and analyses. This gives you the opportunity to conveniently inform yourself about the vision, team, roadmap and evaluation of each project and to easily assess the market situation.

However, Launchpad.XYZ is aimed not only at experienced crypto investors, but also at beginners who want to find their way around the Web3 world. The platform offers you a simple and intuitive user interface to participate in token sales with just a few clicks. There is also no need to worry about complicated procedures like KYC or whitelisting – attach the wallet and go!

Bullish for investors: The platform has its own utility token called LPX. This can be used for various functions on the platform – for example, it allows you to participate in token sales, vote on projects or receive rewards. If you buy it now, you will save: In the current presale, 1 LPX costs $0.0445, and the next presale stage will start, the price will increase to $0.046.

In short: Launchpad.XYZ has the potential to be the complete change in the crypto market – especially at a time when the price of Bitcoin is tumbling and many investors are looking for new opportunities. In this regard, Launchpad.XYZ could be an attractive investment for all those investors who want to take advantage of the benefits of an all-in-one platform.

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Last updated on 24 May 2023

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