$1 pump like Dogecoin? These 3 coins could do it

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The Dogecoin has seen particular success in the past. Within a few months, the coin price rose to almost USD 1. This is a solid value for a cryptocurrency meme. But the market offers new projects regularly. In this article, we therefore want to take a closer look at whether cryptocurrencies could achieve similar progress in the future.

Dogecoin equals $1

The Dogecoin was released in 2013. It was originally intended as a fun currency and was intended to be a parody of Bitcoin. But after Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned the coin in a Twitter post, the price shot up to $0.70. Since then it has repeatedly made its way to the USD 1 mark. It has not been able to successfully reach it, but forecasts always show that it could do so.

The meme base currently has a market cap of around $13.4 billion, making it 8th in the rankings. But in the last few days, the course had to register clear negative signs. Today it is down 24% hard to trade at $0.10. But new hype potential is already waiting in the crypto world.

Currently, the crypto market offers several interesting projects that may soon lead to similar developments as Dogecoin.

Dash 2 Trade’s innovative analytics platform

A D2T token could be a very interesting investment in the future. The Dash 2 Trade platform should offer its users a large number of analysis and calculation options in the future. It is meant to simplify and optimize crypto trading. Depending on the selected access, traders have the option to create up to 100 watchlists.

A very interesting factor is the unique selling proposition that the platform brings. The developers focused on ICOs and pre-sales in the analysis options. Dealers will be able to be notified as soon as a new pre-sale starts, a price is raised or a pre-sale ends.

This makes the platform the only one of its kind. Formerly known crypto analysis websites do not inform their users about pre-sales, but only keep an eye on already tradable signals.

The pre-sale is divided into a total of nine stages. He is currently in the third stage. This is already 68% sold out. In the dynamic presale, the price of the tokens increases in each section.

Carbon dioxide emission on the blockchain at IMPT

Another sign that has a lot of potential is IMPT. It is still in pre-sale and has a unique selling point.

The developers of the IMPT token make it their mission to bring carbon dioxide emissions to the blockchain. A store is to be created on the platform where crypto traders can buy NFT-based CO₂ certificates. These offset the emission of one tonne of CO₂.

In addition to its own store, a partner store is also being planned. To that end, IMPT developers have already completed over 25,000 partnerships, including with Amazon, IKEA and Apple. Customers should be able to start their online purchases through this store. As a result, the company from which the purchase was made is obliged to use part of the purchase amount for CO₂ compensation. In the future, the platform should offer two ways to do something good for the environment.

So IMPT could be the first cryptocurrency that focuses entirely on CO₂ compensation and thus climate change. This factor could determine the future of the project. Because unique projects usually attract a lot of attention and from the point of view of environmental protection it would be a very positive development if the crypto market became a little greener through IMPT.

The pre-sale started on October 3rd. $12.5 million worth of tokens have already been sold. The second phase began on 26 October. In each current phase, 660,000 coins are sold at a price of $0.0230. Another 540,000 coins are available in the next phase. These will be available at a price of $0.0280.

So far there has been a great rush and the sale is proceeding rapidly. Thanks to the innovative project, IMPT has the ability to stand out from the crowd of cryptocurrencies in the near future. At the same time, it adds a very important topic that cryptocurrencies will have to face sooner or later.

Calvaria: A unique card game with hype potential

Another project that could live up to Dogecoin’s potential is Calvaria. Crypto games are especially popular right now, as the developers of the in-house RIA Coins know. But they just want to put another game on the crypto scene. During development, they focused on two existing hypes.

Calvaria - Crypto Project

For one, the game integrates NFT and NFT sales. In addition, there will be a play mechanism to earn in the game. So the card game is a combination of a lot of potential hype and already proven applications. Calvaria is said to be divided into two modes. Players can choose single player mode and follow the story, or compete against other players in the card game.

The main part of the game is the deck of cards. Players must assemble a skillful deck of cards to prove themselves against other gamers. Anyone who can use NFT-based cards intelligently and win accordingly will be rewarded with ATR tokens.

With the tokens earned, players can buy more cards to improve their deck. The coins act as a payment method throughout the ecosystem.

The Calvaria presale is also divided into phases. In each of the ten articles, the price of properties increases. There are 30,000,000 coins available in each case. Sales of the coins have been very fast so far. Three phases have already been completed in just under 30 days, and the fourth phase is already 76% complete.

The crypto market shows that hype rarely stays the same. New projects appear regularly. Crypto traders currently have some interesting projects to choose from with IMPT, Calvaria and D2T, which definitely deserve a watch list.

The token pre-sale is very popular at the moment. Each of the mentioned projects has a unique selling point that could convince future crypto traders. It seems that young, innovative cryptos are reviving the crypto market.

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