1.7 million NFT: largest planned SFTna NFT aerdrop ever – lucky NFTs also reward buyers

1.7 million NFT: largest planned SFTna NFT aerdrop ever - lucky NFTs also reward buyers

Airdrops are an important tool in the NFT scene to reward the public for their loyalty. The diversified ecosystem FaniTrade announced a few days ago a huge airdrop that will rain a total of 1.7 million NFT worth 55.7 million USD.

At the same time, the upcoming Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club, one of the most prolific NFT newcomers in 2022, is also looking to reward its members. In addition to an exclusive Jackpot lottery, two great contests await the owners of Lucky Block NFT.

NFT giant Airdrop planned: This is how FaniTrade is trying to connect users to their DeFi platform

FaniTrade offers a wide range to its customers that can satisfy almost every desire of crypto enthusiasts. Not only simple exchange, but also FaniTrade ecosystem includes derivatives trading, blockchain lottery, development tools and sophisticated affiliate program. But one important area of ​​the blockchain world is missing from the network so far: its own collection of non-interchangeable tokens.

The all-encompassing platform based on the Solana blockchain will fill this gap in the near future as the extraordinary NFT aerdrop was announced. A total of 1.7 million NFTs worth $ 55.7 million will soon be distributed to all Solana active wallets.

The FaniTrade NFTs offer various advantages, which can be divided into two different categories. From trade or swap fee waivers to discounts when derivatives are traded to increased rewards when betting, the unique utility of Solana NFTs should also determine the value of digital assets.

Which of the twelve potential benefits you receive from your randomly assigned NFT. Solana users in particular are likely to expect FaniPass NFT, which includes the rarest FaniTrade signal type.

Only 112 of the 1.7 million NFT Airdrop will be FaniPass, which offers the most diverse and greatest benefits to its owner. In addition to 0% transaction fees on certain trading platforms for the FaniTrade ecosystem, a 50% fee waiver on the FaniDex decentralized exchange and better conditions on the FaniTrade betting and affiliate program, FaniPass owners get a VIP place on the white list for future projects and airdrops.

In addition, lucky FaniPass owners should enjoy the high prices for which the 112 NFTs should be traded. But it may be worthwhile in the long run to hold the uncommon insignificant signals, as the value of FaniTrade looks set to increase in value.

To be able to participate in the FaniTrade NFT Airdrop for free, all you need is an active Solana wallet. On that day, the corresponding token will automatically appear on the crypto wallet.

What is FaniTrade?

DeFi Technologies

Divided into several domains, FaniTrade is much more than a DeFi platform. Overall, the app wants to split the wide range of offerings into twelve different sectors, seven of which can already be used itself at present.

In addition to FaniSwap, the decentralized crypto exchange, and FaniVerse, the NFT marketplace, one can access decentralized decentralized trading and market prediction with FaniTrax. FaniEarn, on the other hand, is used to cancel cryptocurrencies, through which money can also be earned with the Faniliates affiliate program.

In addition, FaniLotto is a new sector that offers online lottery based on blockchain technology. In the future, the DeFi platform seems to want to steer itself further toward Metaverse gaming, with the FaniPlay gaming project soon taking its first step into the virtual world.

The NFT aerdrop of excellence should not only attract the attention of Solana wallet owners, but also the target audience to FaniTrade. Operating on the Solana blockchain, the platform could be far ahead of the Ethereum network alternatives in terms of transaction speed and cost-effectiveness.

Lucky Block Crypto Lottery with its own NFT collection

But FaniTrade is far from alone in the crypto gaming sector with its FaniLotto blockchain lottery. Lucky Block in particular has made headlines in recent months such as the “win-win” crypto lottery, for which the native LBLOCK medal was primarily responsible.

Buy lucky block signs

Within three weeks of the ICO, the cryptocurrency token reached the market cap of $ 1 billion, earning it the title of fastest growing cryptocurrency ever. On this day, LBLOCK highlighted not only the huge interest of society in online fair gaming, but also the huge potential of investors in Lucky Block financial products.

For this reason, every investor should be rubbing their hands now, because with the Platinum Rollers Club, Lucky Block developers launched their own NFT series, limited to 10,000 digital assets, in a few weeks. The LBLOCK NFTs are equipped with a special utility that has it all.

Daily lottery, sweepstakes and much more

In particular, the daily lottery, which is to be run exclusively for NFT owners, provides an incentive to purchase the assets. This is about 2% of the main jackpot each day, which is estimated to average $ 10,000 in US dollars.

In addition, Lucky Block has announced two fantastic sweepstakes for the Platinum Rollers Club. Not only is Lamborghini Aventador, but also a whopping US million dollars available to the 10,000 NFT holders.

In addition, members of the Platinum Rollers Club can look forward to additional benefits yet to be revealed. The potential value increases of Lucky Block NFTs in the long run should not be underestimated. The LBLOCK base has already proven what huge profits can be made from the extraordinary potential.

Instructions: How to secure your lifetime lottery ticket

To get a Lucky Block lifetime lottery ticket for only 3.75 WBNB (about $ 1,500 USD), these three steps are essential:

Step 1: Buy ETH / BNB

In the first step, we get ETH or BNB from a selected online broker. At this point we recommend our eToro test winner, which offers a wide range of assets at low trading fees.

Here we go through the quick registration process and first deposit and then simply use the search function to find ETH or BNB. In the transaction window we enter the number of coins we want to buy and the leverage is left at x1.

By clicking on the button labeled “Open Trade” we can complete the purchase.

Step 2: ETH / BNB Exchange for WBNB

We then transfer the received tokens to our MetaMask wallet, which we link to the decentralized PancakeSwap exchange. After we then get the ETH / WBNB or BNB / WBNB exchange pair, we enter the number of coins to be exchanged.

For a small fee we can now initiate the exchange with the “Swap” button.

Step 3: Buy Lucky Block NFT

Finally, we go to and link our wallet to the reputable launch platform. We select one of the Lucky Block NFTs available there and we can plot it for 3.75 WBNB.

From now on we can enjoy the benefits of the LBLOCK NFT and take advantage of potential increases in the value of the non-mungible signal.

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