The shade of King George V 1d Red page contains a detailed discussion of the various shades of the Single watermark 1d Red issues as classified by Orlo-Smith, together with tables giving the nearest Stanley Gibbons colours for the different shades. The tables also give the reaction of the shades to an Ultra-Violet lamp, and these, taken together with the S.G. colours, enable the collector to accurately separate out the various shades and printings on an objective basis.

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The Colour Map page gives my version of Orlo-Smith’s famous colour map for the 1d Reds, followed by a version of the map converted into a colour triangle, as used in colour theory.

The “Stamps for Sale” page leads to offerings of stamps of King George V. In particular we offer a “starter kit” of used KGV 1d reds, comprising about 65 used stamps in all the common shades, annotated with both O-S number and UV reaction. (There are no stamps on offer at the present time).